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Expat Relocations

Company Overview

About Us

Welcome to Expat Relocations, we have built our reputation on an excellence in shipping and logistics, alongside a constant focus on serving our customer with the best level of care and attention to detail. Our aim, as a international removal company, is to deliver your hopes, dreams and goods on time and we can do this because we know transportation and logistics inside out. Here at Expat Relocations we don’t see ourselves as your vendor, we see ourselves as your partner.

Our Services

House Moves

We can help with a wide range of domestic moves of all sizes; no job is too big or small. Our team of domestic move specialists will help you and your family move to and from anywhere within the UAE via a shared, solo or groupage shipment. We will take the time to understand your needs so we can offer you the best price and service for your house move. We will even help your pet and vehicle relocation needs.

International House Moves

Here at Expat Relocations we are specialists in moving expats and their families, because of this we are also international house move experts. We can deliver you, your family and your possessions to pretty much every corner of the globe. We are covered by fully comprehensive insurance too so you know you’re in safe hands when you choose Expat Relocations for your international house move.

Fine Art Removals

Over our many years in business we have helped our clients move more fragile items, antiques and fine arts from one property to another. We have a range of perfect solutions of one-of-a-kind jobs exactly like this. We have the materials, experience and highly skilled removals team to ensure that your fine arts and antiques are transported in a safe and secure manner.

Additional Removals Services

Here at Expat Relocations we want to offer the complete removals service and be a one stop shop for all your removals needs, so we also offer storage, records management, pet relocations, insurance and additional relocation services such as help with home and school searches and settling in. We want to make your house move as stress as free as possible.

Our Locations

With head offices in Dubai, Europe and UK we have the reach to get you to and from every corner of the globe.

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