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Garrards Removals

Company Overview

The removals team here at Garrards Removals have been providing customers in Croydon and surrounding areas with a reliable and cost effective removals service for homes for over 25 years. We take pride in giving a highly organised and professional service that is designed to suit our customers’ individual needs.

Since August 2013
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  • Peter Barratt on 17/08/2017

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    Great company, loaded most the day before and finished off moving day. All went without a hitch, the guys were brilliant, moved us in, couldn't ask for better. Strongly recommend Garrards to everyone.

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    House Removals

    From a small studio flat to a mansion or large family home we can help move any property to anywhere in the UK. At all times we provide our house removals service with the utmost care and efficiency to ensure a smooth running a stress free house move. When you choose Garrards Removals you will find we are polite, cheerful and extremely helpful.

    Container Storage

    We have purpose built container storage facilities and unit storage that offers unlimited access and full security for your peace of mind. You tell us how much storage space you need and we will provide the exact volume of storage you need, after all – who wants to pay to store fresh air?


    We can provide you with the packing materials you need or we can happily quote on packing some of your possessions for you, to save you time and effort to focus on other things. When you choose our packing team here at Garrards Removals you can rest assured that your belongings will be packed carefully with modern clean materials and clearly labelled.

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