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London Moving

Company Overview

About Us

At London Moving, we specialise in residential and corporate moves into and out of London, the rest of the UK and throughout Europe. Operating since 1974, we are dedicated to providing a professional service tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Our staff are efficient and friendly, making your move as stress-free and easy as possible.

Our Services

Household Removals

Our reliable and efficient staff will assess your moving needs and help you every step of the way. We can help you with anything including packing your valuables, antiques and fragile items before transporting them to your new property.

Corporate Removals

At London Moving, we know how chaotic an office move can be, so we want to ensure you are back to work as soon as possible by providing an efficient and quick service. Careful planning and coordination is the key to a successful office move, so our staff will be in constant communication with your company’s nominated relocation person.


We understand that sometimes you can’t move into your property immediately or you might not have enough room for all your belongings. We can recommend safe storage companies and can offer packing materials such as boxes, tape, tissue paper, bubble wrap and wardrobe cartons.

Our Locations

Our moving services are available in London, the rest of the UK and throughout Europe.

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