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Reviews & Ratings
Customer Reviews
  • Noemi



    Customer Service:
    Value for Money:
    Moving Day:
    Average Rating:

    Brilliant Service!!
    Really good communication !!

  • Sharon Doyle



    Customer Service:
    Value for Money:
    Moving Day:
    Average Rating:

    All great up to booking, then kept offering me extras which I took but couldna??t really afford but felt it necessary- insurance upgrade , larger vehicle.
    I thought I paid on arrival but the day before while travelling they kept pestering.
    Turns out they dona??t accept credit card or PayPal and then we had a scramble to get funds together as they threatened not to deliver. They were not understanding at all. Eventually we sorted payment the night before delivery. Delivery was fine, the van driver was excellent and polite. All items arrived safely.

    Hello Mrs DoyleThank you for the feedback but I am somewhat confused as to why you scored us this low?To answer your feedback:1.Our company only emails you only once to see if you would like the opportunity to increase Insurance, vehicle, porters from the standard cover given. (we never call and hassle any of our customers for any upgrades). It is totally your choice for what you require.2.On the Invoice, in the same size font and underneath the deposit amount which you paid it clearly states balance payment on collection. It was also stated on the initial quote and in our Terms and Conditions. 3.Due to excess charges from credit cards and Paypal we only offer Bank Transfers which are free or cash payments.4.Due to previous customers not paying their final bill when they promised once the vehicle left location for the sake of the company and all its staff we have had to adopt payment on collection to ensure funds are cleared prior to delivery.5.Our team members were actually trying to help you at 10pm prior to delivery the following morning (out of office hours and in their own time) to resolve the payment with you.6.Customer Service (2 stars) You was actually let down by another company when you put this job on this website. From the first initial contact to delivery it was only 7 days and we exchanged 21 emails to help your move go smoothly which it did. We helped arrange a vehicle as requested in 3 days to collect on the day you was let down to take your goods to Spain. We called you on day one to understand your requirements before giving you a quote in writing which you accepted, we called you again the night before collection to help run through everything and put your mind at rest seeing as you had previously being let down, we contacted you the night before delivery to confirm the ETA the following morning and again on the delivery day to help located your property.7.Value for money (3 stars) The price for the last minute move was the price of the vehicle 365 days a year, due to your unfortunate circumstances we didnt try to profit from you only offer the best possible service for the price you agreed to. (It was also discounted 10% as it was a dedicated vehicle). Also your Insurance upgrade which you decided to add from one email sent was also discounted 50%8.Moving Day (4 stars) We arrived within the timeframe booked, the vehicle was exactly what you booked, the driver was polite and did everything requested and expected from our company to help your collection go smoothly.To Sum Up: We assisted last minute when you was let down, we priced the job as advertised (with discount) even for a last minute move, we arrived on time, we delivered on time, the goods arrived in the same condition as collected and we was available via phone or email 7 days a week. All we asked for was to be paid when we asked to be paid. Enjoy your new life in Spain.Regards Max Movers International Ltd.
  • Stefan Dunger



    Customer Service:
    Value for Money:
    Moving Day:
    Average Rating:

    Great communication, superb response (even on weekends). Very friendly movers (though 1 English limited) and hard working.
    Very good value for money and make sure you stick to the regulation/small print (personally had no issue),
    Super recommended!

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