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Moving and Maintenance Solution

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At Moving and Maintenance Solutions, we can move the largest and smallest of homes as well as renovate, maintain and improve your property or office. Our group of fully insured, friendly and professional staff are always on hand and have the expertise to tailor your home move to your requirements.

Since January 2017
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  • Claire Wiltshire from Rickmansworth on 30/10/2017

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    Overall, Steve and Dave were super professional and really nice guys. We paid for the full packing service, and they said this could happen on the day of the move. It was a good job our completion was after 3pm, as they were packing right up until this time. Also, a slight niggle I had was that they provided four wardrobe boxes. However, this was clearly not sufficient, as I later found a box with half my dresses folded into it, and in one of the four boxes, the plastic hanging bar had snapped, leaving all the clothes in a pile at the bottom. Having said that, I would recommend MMS as they were great value and great guys.

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    Home Removals

    At Moving and Maintenance Solutions, we can move anything from single items and single flats in central London to large multi-room manors. We have the experience to undertake any move of any size.

    Furniture Protection

    Another service we offer is blanket wrapping and shrink wrapping your furniture. The process ensures full protection of your furniture from movement and moisture while in transit.


    When you are in the middle of a house move, you might find you need work done on your old or new home, which can be a hassle. At Move and Maintenance Solutions, we do both. 

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