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On The Dot Removals

Company Overview

About Us

At On The Dot Removals, our aim is to provide a reliable and friendly moving service which has minimal impact on the environment. Based in Bristol and with many years' experience, we offer exceptional customer care through every stage of the removals process to ensure your move is stress-free. We only work with materials we have researched that have minimal environmental impact and are constantly looking into new ways to reduce our use of resources. Currently, we use reused, biodegradable packing materials and all our staff wear fair trade certified uniforms.

Our Services

Man With a Van

Our Man With Van service is fast, flexible and reliable. We can relocate a range of items, from a sofa or wardrobe, to film equipment and artwork. Our staff are friendly and polite, and offer help with lifting, carrying and packing your items. We provide all the removal rugs and moving straps to keep your possessions safe and out of harm's way, so you can rest assured that you will receive a moving service at an excellent standard.

Home Removals

Our On The Dot removals services are affordable and environmentally friendly, and specialise in 2-4 bedroom properties. Our service covers local removals, as well as national removals to or from Bristol. Our trained and knowledgeable team will provide you with ongoing help and advice through every stage of the removal process. On moving day, our team will have all the knowledge and methods needed to ensure your possessions are handled with care and safely transported.

Office Removals

Our office removals cover the relocation of office furniture, computers, and documents in Bristol and beyond. We provide invoices for office moves within 5 working days. We also provide free no obligation quotes or work on an hourly rate - we go by whichever suits you best. Once again our drivers will help with the lifting and packing, and will provide all the necessary equipment to move your items.

Student Removals

We are aware that students often have fewer possessions and are on tighter budgets, so we offer competitive quotes on long distance student removals. Our student removals service covers shared houses, flats and small houses. As with our other removals services, our experienced and reliable team can do the packing and lifting, and provide the necessary equipment to move your items safely.

Eco-Removal Boxes

When we help with packing, we aim to minimise costs for our customers as well as reduce the amount of cardboard being sent to landfills, so we use recycled boxes. Before we deliver our boxes to you and pack your belongings, we make sure to thoroughly check our boxes to ensure they are safe to carry your items. Re-using our boxes also means less energy is wasted producing new boxes.

Our Locations

Our removals services are available in Bristol and nationwide, to or from Bristol.

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