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Quick Removals

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Here at Quick Removals we boast an impressive fleet of vans and we pride ourselves on our trusted and reliable employees. Located in London, we adopt a ‘no job is too big or small’ attitude so whether you need a van and two men or an army of movers, we’re waiting to hear from you. Our company is properly insured with goods in transit and public liability insurance so your belongings will be protected in the case of accidents. Quick Removals offer short or long-distance home removals from within and around London moving anywhere in the UK.

Since March 2017
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Home Removals

The Quick Removals team are all about taking care of everything ensuring a stress-free move. The moving service we provide can be entirely dependent on your needs. You may wish to recruit our help for loading the van or you might need help with the packing. You let us know what you need, this is about you. We will supply you with packing materials or we can even offer an ‘all in’ service where we can take care of absolutely everything for you, all you’ve got to do is show up. The removal service at Quick Removals can be customised as you and we see fit.

Free Packing Materials

As part of our removal service, we offer free packing materials whether we are packing for you or if you are going to bite the bullet and do it yourself. Professional packing materials are vital for a simple move. Packing up everything you own can be a rigmarole but if you have the right products, you will save yourself time, money, effort and above all stress. The packing materials we offer include 20 medium-sized boxes, 100 metres of bubble wrap plus packing paper and tape. We also offer free transport within a 10-mile radius!

Cleaning and End of Tenancy Service

At Quick Removals, we appreciate how eager you must be to settle into your new place so you won’t want to waste time cleaning the old home. We can take care of that for you. Whether you need us to clean up, paint or you might want to call upon our general handyman services to fix bits and pieces before your tenancy ends. This can help to ensure you receive your deposit back from your previous landlord. Our cleaning services start from £65 plus VAT with painting and fixing to start at £15 plus VAT each.

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