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Protecting Valuables When Moving

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
16th January 2017 (Last updated on Tuesday 9th April 2019)

Moving house is a process that can easily cause damage and breakage to your items. Smash, crash and wallop are noises you can almost always expect to hear on moving day. With all your items being carted and lugged about, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little uneasy or anxious. 

As well as damage or accidents, we all worry about losing things when we move. How often do you hear the expression ‘we lost that in the move’? ... There is no reason for things to be ‘lost in the move’… It’s not outer space or some sort of weird Ether. Pack everything right, don’t leave anything behind and you’ll be fine.

Although it isn’t actually all that likely that your things will be damaged or lost during a move, accidents do happen so it doesn’t hurt to consider things. Good moving companies will have Goods in Transit insurance to cover this. There are precautions you can take and things you can do to help minimise the risk and the chances of… smash, crash and wallop.

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Create an Inventory

Lists, lists and more lists. Often something as simple as making a list can make all the difference. Compiling an inventory of all your items and possessions will mean that, if anything does get lost, you will know immediately….. There’s nothing quite as annoying as realising, weeks after your move, as the cold weather sets in, that your thick woolly, winter blanket never made it to the new house. Now you’re cold, and you’re sad, and you’re wishing you had created an Inventory.

When creating an inventory, it’s useful to make a note of which boxes certain items have been packed into. If you haven’t got time to write out a whole inventory, consider taking photographs of your possessions before packing them away. You may not be able to keep tabs on some of the smaller items, but it’s a much quicker method.

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Hire a Trustworthy Removals Company

If you want to be really certain that your items are going to be in the best possible hands then hiring a professional moving company is an absolute must. So many people think that it’s better to save a bob or two and move themselves but so much loss and damage occurs when people attempt to do it themselves or call on friends and family to assist. 

That’s not really cost-effective now, is it? Don’t get enticed by cheap prices from a removal company without knowing their credentials first. Before choosing a removal company, you must know whether they are a registered company, whether they are reputable, if they are insured and what experience they have.

You are essentially handing over all your possessions to a third party for a short amount of time, so you have to feel confident you can trust your chosen company. Luckily, our partners at have to go through a vigorous verification process. All of our removal companies are registered companies that are fully insured and reputable through third party reviews. We’ve got your back.

Get Help for Larger Items

Don’t be a hero, when large items need shifting, get the right help. Again…. Let us preach to you… A removal company is a must. Pianos, wardrobes, dining tables and sofas all need extra hands and care when moving – the more ‘trained’ hands the better. Without adequate help, your prize piano could end up scratched, chipped and even completely broken….. and that will hardly be music to your ears.

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Keep Small Items with You

If you have tiny fiddly little items that have significant sentimental or material value, then it makes sense to keep those items with you during the move. You will, no doubt, have a bag or box or bits and pieces with you so it’s a good idea to pack jewellery, important paperwork and other smaller items separately and keep them close. They are a lot safer if they travel with you in your own vehicle because you will personally be able to locate an item if one of your valuables goes missing.

Don’t Just Wrap Dishes and Glasses in Newspaper

There are so many other clever tricks and techniques for safely packing crockery than the typical kneejerk response of using newspapers…it’s like the thinnest paper in the world and yet everyone insists on using just this to protect breakables (rolling eyes). Plates, bowls and glasses are probably some of the most likely things to break during your move. It isn’t a total waste of time using newspaper…wrapping each individual dish and glass in at least two or three sheets and stacking them up together will add protection in transit, and will prevent any shards from coming loose and causing harm if they do break. But, come on… there are other great ways to pack and protect breakables than simply wrapping them in paper.

Plates – Stack your plates using foam plates. Place a foam or paper plate in between each of your breakable plates and at each end of the stack. Don’t stack too many at a time… 8 breakable plates with foam in between should suffice. Wrap the stack in bubble wrap or use tea towels, blankets, clothing… all of these things need packing as well right?

Cups, Mugs and Glasses – The same trick can be used for cups and glasses using foam or plastic/paper party cups. It’s a genius tip…. And you’re welcome to it. 

Claire Watson, 28th January 2019
"Quick, efficient and friendly service. Everything was moved with care. Great value for money."

Invest in Good Boxes

Don’t muck about with bogus boxes. If you want your stuff to stay safe, then pack them in decent quality boxes. Most removal companies will be able to provide boxes and packaging, so don’t be afraid to ask. Certain items require particular boxes that have been made specifically for moving house. For example, television boxes with padded insides are available to help protect your TV from any damage. How clever and convenient hey?

Likewise, you are able to get wardrobe boxes for clothes, as well as regular square boxes for general goods. It may be tempting to use second-hand boxes from your local supermarket, but be aware that some boxes might not be as sturdy and could fall through, damaging the contents.

Tape Paintings and Mirrors

Nobody wants 7 years bad luck… So, to protect your mirrors, use this simple trick. Taping a big X across the glass of your mirrors and paintings will protect them from shattering and causing a harmful mess if they do break and then we can just pretend that the 7 years bad luck thing doesn’t count because the mirror didn’t shatter.


Keeping boxes light will not only lower the risk of you dropping the packed goods and damaging the contents inside but your poor back will also thank you. While you may want to pack boxes right up to the threshold, it is worth thinking about whether or not you will be able to lift the box. Duh! If a box starts to get heavy and is only half full, consider packing lighter items, such as blankets and duvets on the top.

There may be other valuable or fragile items that you’re worried about but it’s all about consideration. Wrap electronics in protective covers, place delicate fabrics in tissue paper and surround everything fragile in bubble wrap. It’s not rocket science. 

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Get Insurance

All of our removal company partners at are covered by Goods in Transit insurance. This covers you in the unlikely and unfortunate event that your possessions are damaged during your move. Some home insurance policies cover moving if you are planning to do the move yourself without the help of professionals but check this first.

For extra protection you may also want to consider purchasing some dedicated moving home insurance but make sure you read your policy carefully as DIY moves aren't covered.

While there are certain things you can do to protect yourself against these damages, the best thing to do is hire a professional and trustworthy removals company.

Say No to Clutter

Tidying away items into safe, out of the way places can protect them from accidental damage. Wires from laptops are trip hazards and precariously perched phones or iPads are easily knocked over and smashed. And it’s so easy to stand on a pair of glasses! Just be smart, if you get into the habit of keeping your home decluttered then you’ll end up carrying this approach through to moving day.

Safe Transportation

When moving home it is important to pack your items in an organised manner, so that valuables are protected. Carefully wrap and pack your breakables before placing in a box marked ‘fragile’. Remove any caster wheels from furniture so they can be stabilised (there’s nothing quite as humiliating as chasing your Aunt’s antique Bureau down the street) and don’t forget to cover any sharp corners!. Ouch!

That’s about it – You should also be sure to check out our Moving House Tips as there are tonnes of clever tricks there on packing and the whole process.