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What Other Services do Removal Companies Offer?

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
15th March 2017 (Last updated on Tuesday 6th August 2019)

Moving house is universally viewed as a rather stressful and overwhelming event in most people’s lives. But with a little help and organisation, it can be a lot more exciting than you think. To keep the stress to a minimum, it’s good to research what help is available and specifically, what more your removal company can do other than load and unload items. 

When booking a removal company through Compare My Move, you have the option to select a number of additional services including packing and storage facilities. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated when moving house and so it’s good to see in advance what else your removal company can offer you. 

Every moving company is different and may have a limit of what they can and cannot offer. The price for each added service will vary depending on the specific company, but it’s always good to have an idea of what you want before committing to the service. This guide contains an outline of some of the additional services offered by a variety of our removal partners so that you can easily add them onto your quote.

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Other Services Removal Companies Can Offer

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Packing and Packing Materials

There is a large number of removal companies who will offer both packing and moving services. Packing can be tedious and very time consuming but not everyone can take the time off work or out of their busy lives to complete it within their moving deadline. Packing requires delicate handling and there’s a risk of damaging your items. So why not get some extra help with a removal packing service?  

Professional packers are trained to pack and move your items with minimal risk of damage. They will have the skills and experience to handle a variety of items and ensure only the highest quality of packing materials are used. Make sure you don’t forget the moving house essentials by getting help. The removals team will also offer unpacking services so that you can settle into your home sooner. For a fee, they will put boxes in the right rooms, unpack and get rid of any leftover packing materials.

To calculate the price of packing services, the movers will consider the time it takes them to pack your household, the type of packing materials used as well as the difficulty of the job.

When it comes to dealing with fine art and more valuable items that are awkwardly shaped, you can also use custom-built wooden crates to fit them. However, if you decide to self-pack, they can provide you with quality packing materials to protect your items during transit.

The Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture

Packing and moving can be difficult enough without having bulky furniture to move and reassemble. That is why many reputable removal companies will help to disassemble and reassemble any furniture you require. Make sure you discuss exactly what needs to be dismantled and reassembled beforehand so you know exactly what the removal costs will be. 

A lot of furniture like beds, wardrobes, tables and desks need to be dismantled, but if you lack the experience you should use professional movers to minimise the risk of damage to your items as well as injury to yourself. Most removal teams will conduct a home removals survey at your property beforehand to gain a better understanding of what removal plan is needed. It would be wise to mention what furniture needs reassembling during this inspection.

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Specialist and Fragile Items

Specialist items like pool tables and hot tubs are extremely heavy, valuable and will usually require professional moving services to help prevent damage to the items or even injury to yourself. If you need to move any such items, fill in the special requirements field on our form and don’t be afraid to speak to the removal team directly. 

It can also be awkward moving fragile antiques like grandfather clocks or fine art. Along with the knowledge and skills to move bulky items, specialist removal teams will also be able to help you with more fragile belongings. Many removal teams will have specialist equipment like lifts, cranes and padding so that all your items are fully protected.

Piano Removals

Another specialist item that movers often require help with is the piano. Pianos actually require more than just lifting onto a vehicle, they need professional padding and specialist lifting equipment to ensure no damage occurs. These extras will also help the musical instrument stay in tune and in pristine condition.

Not all removal companies will offer such a specialist and specific additional service but there is still a wide number who do. Compare My Move do have a few moving companies who offer piano removals, narrowing down your search.

Claire Watson, 28th January 2019
"Quick, efficient and friendly service. Everything was moved with care. Great value for money."

Storage Facilities

Storage services can help movers before, during or even after their moving date. For whatever reason, you might not be able to move your items into your new house just yet or perhaps you simply can’t fit everything in. Many of our removal companies offer secure storage facilities for you to keep your items for any length of time, but again, for an additional charge.

You can rest easy knowing that the facilities are constantly protected with CCTV, an alarm system or both. Many companies will create an inventory for each container, ensuring no items are moved or lost.

Cleaning Services

Another additional service that some removal companies offer is a cleaning service. If you’re renting, you may want your deposit back or perhaps before a last-minute move, you want to give your property a thorough cleaning. Whatever your reasons, some moving companies may be able to help. It’s always polite to make your old home welcoming to the new owners, so maybe a deep clean is what it needs.

Making Removals Easy With Compare My Move

Now that you’re aware of the other services removal companies offer, it’s time to find the perfect removal team for you. Simply fill out Compare My Move’s quick and easy form to get instantly connected with up to 6 reliable removal companies in your local area. Many of our partners offer these additional services, but to narrow it down you can select the ones you require in our form.