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Your Guide To Video Home Removals Survey

Rhydian Ball
Written by Rhydian Ball
26th January 2018 (Last updated on Tuesday 9th April 2019)

It is undeniable that moving house can be a stressful time for anyone. With so many different elements to consider throughout the whole process such as searching through mortgage providers, finding a new home, selling your old home, sorting insurance & providers for utilities, putting some of your belongings into storage, getting surveys done and of course finding reliable and good value for money moving companies, it can all make it seem a bit overwhelming. 

Finding ways in which to make it easier, less stressful and time consuming can be a good way to minimise the energy and effort you spend on getting the job done. Not only is this beneficial to your happiness and stress levels, but doing this is also likely to save you money in the long run, cutting out any unneeded and long-winded processes.

At Compare My Move we help you by providing all sorts of information, tricks, tips and techniques to help you make this process smoother. In this guide, we are focusing on one of the ever increasingly popular and time saving tools in the moving industry – the video home removals survey. 

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This article will cover the following points

What Is A Video Home Removals Survey? How Does It Work? What Are The Benefits Of Video Home Removals Surveys? Further Considerations

What Is A Video Home Removals Survey?

A new invention in the removals industry, video home removal surveys tap into recognised and established application technologies, but tailored to the purpose of helping movers to get a quick and accurate quote for moving.

By using your smartphone, tablet or laptop you are able to survey your home and quickly get an accurate quote on how much your move will cost you in terms of home removals. This is all without having a surveyor actually having to come out and visit your home, making the whole process a lot quicker, easier and potentially less costly. 

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How Does It Work?

1. Download The App

Undertaking a home removals survey is a relatively simple process with expert help provided along the way. You will need to either download the app onto your phone or tablet, or access the link via your computer. This can easily be done through the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad users or the Google Play store for Android users.  

2. Getting Started

Once you have downloaded and logged into the app you will be able to immediately start talking to your helpful advisor, this means you can either start the survey immediately or schedule it in at a time that better suites you. 

3. Undertake The Survey

Once the initial discussion is out of the way and you have received instructions on ‘how to do things’ you will be asked to start the survey.

This will be completed by using the camera on either your phone, tablet or laptop. Your advisor will still be available and will be watching you as you move from room to room capturing each item that needs to be considered in the quote. The advisor will likely give running advice as you go through, telling you what to capture, the speed at which you move and will help you move systematically throughout the house making sure they get all the information they may need. 

4. Provide Any Further Required Details

Once the survey has been completed the advisor may ask you any additional questions that need to be answered ahead of giving an accurate quote. For example, if they did not ask at the beginning of the session, they may ask about accessibility to your home, move timings and whether any additional services like storage will be required to make your move run smoothly.

5. Await Your Quote

When you have finished the survey and answered any follow up questions, the session will end and you will be able to close the app, kick back and relax. The removals company will then go through the footage and all the information that you have provided. They will typically get back to you with an accurate quote within 24 to 48 hours, but possibly longer depending on the size of the move and how busy they are. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Video Home Removals Surveys?

Available 24/7

Unlike traditional home removals surveys this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The major benefit of this is that you can fit the survey around your own personal schedule. When moving house this can be very helpful as there so many things to get done and relatively little time to do it. 

No Surveyor Coming Into Your Home

Although surveyors are highly professional individuals, it can sometimes be awkward and stressful to let someone you have never met into your home. A video survey allows you to complete this task without any other individual into your home.

Time Saving

A major benefit of video surveys is that it saves both you and the team of surveyors a lot of time. Instead of having to arrange for a surveyor to come around your house and undertake an inspection, which may mean waiting around for them to turn up and then showing them around once they are there. Completing a survey is much more efficient by using the app.

Simply download the app, sign in and you are ready to undertake a full survey of your home. 

No Need To Book Time Off Work

Most companies that come out to your home and undertake a survey in order to give you a quote on removal services work normal working hours Monday to Friday. This often means that you will need to take some time off work in order to let the surveyor into your home and take a look around. 

This is sometimes made worse by potential issues such as the surveyor getting caught up in traffic, not being able to find your property and therefore running late or even or having to cancel at the last-minute due to unforeseen circumstances.

Video surveys are available to take 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you can fit it around your schedule undertaking this task at a time that suites you. 

Quicker and More Efficient For the Removal Company

This method of survey is also more efficient and quicker to undertake for removal companies. This is because they do not need to send anyone out to take a look around the property, meaning they save both time and money.

This financial gain for the company is likely to be passed over to you in the long run, making the process just that little bit cheaper at a time when money can really be a concern. 

You Get a More Accurate Quote

Some companies will seek to save themselves and you time and money by undertaking a survey by phone, asking you about all the items in the property that will need moving. Although this can be an efficient way to get a rough estimate, it is very easy for some items to be missed or the size of these items to miscommunicated, leading to future unexpected costs.

Using a video home survey allows for a much more accurate quote to be generated. This means you are much less likely to be stung with unexpected costs down the line and allows you to budget your move more accurately. 

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Further Considerations

There are a few elements which should be considered when undertaking a home survey. Firstly, of course, you need to ensure you hold the technology required to undertake it. You are able to do this on any Apple device including iPhone and iPad which can connect to the app store, any Android phone that can connect to Google Play and any laptop with a webcam.

Although your advisor is likely to explain this to you, it is also important to ensure that all items that will be included in the move are clear to see in the video. Anything that is not included will not be quoted for and therefore may cost you extra in the final invoice. 

Home video surveys could be a better way to get an accurate quote for your home removals than the traditional methods. Allowing you a greater degree of flexibility and lowered stress in a time at which you need it most. This method can be especially beneficial when collecting numerous quotes, letting you gather those quickly rather than over a long period of time with multiple individuals coming to your house to be shown around. Here are Compare My Move we highly recommend trying out this service as a way to make your move run more smoothly.