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Transfer Currency for a Move Abroad with Currencies Direct

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
13th September 2017

Transferring money abroad really doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have reached a point where you are ready to exchange currencies to move overseas then you have already taken care of all the difficult bits. Now, it’s really happening. All your hard work, planning and dreaming has got you here. Hoorah!

This article will cover the following points

What is the Best way to Exchange Currencies? Why Use Currencies Direct? Exchange Rates How it Works

What is the Best way to Exchange Currencies?

A simple and straightforward way to transfer money abroad is to use Currencies Direct. In partnership with Compare My Move, the Currencies Direct service is designed to make your life easier. The service can save you valuable time as well as big bucks.

You can talk to the seasoned pros at Currencies Direct. These guys don’t miss a beat. They will put their impressive, extensive knowledge to good use in finding a tailored solution for you and your specific needs.

The service can also be of use to those that know exactly what they want and need and prefer to do it themselves. There is an option to skip all the consultation and go straight to the exchange rates. You can use the service online or even download the app to do it through that. 

Why Use Currencies Direct?

By far, the most attractive perk of using Currencies Direct for your currency transfer is the attractive exchange rate. Currencies Direct boldly boast their bank beating exchange rates.

Banks are busy establishments, they manage a plethora of other services whereas, at Currencies Direct, they only deal with Foreign Exchange so they can devote 100% of their efforts into just that. The experts at Currencies Direct eat, sleep and breathe foreign transfers, this is their speciality so you can take full advantage of them being on the ball.

Partnered with Compare My Move, the Currencies Direct service is designed for the sole purpose of finding the best possible exchange rates for the customer. 

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Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are constantly changing and the experts at Currencies Direct state that ‘due to political and economic developments, rates can change rapidly, sometimes with swings of 10% in a matter of days.

The Currencies Direct website and the app has a rate alert feature so that you can stay ahead of the curve and use the expert advice on market movements as guidance. 

How it Works

Payments can be made through a bank transfer or debit card. Currencies Direct will send your payment to your foreign bank account straight away. If you are exchanging money to other major currencies like Euros or US Dollars then the money will be in your overseas bank account the same day.

So, So Easy...

With Currencies Direct helping more than 150,000 customers since 1996, you will be in good company when you use this service. Compare My Move can vouch and with the bank beating exchange rates, you can’t go far wrong.

If you will soon be moving abroad, then don’t forget to compare the cost of International Removal Services with Compare My Move. Between us, Compare My Move and Currencies Direct will look after you.

Bon Voyage.

Last updated on Monday 18th December 2017