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Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
12th January 2017

Try to view the outside of your property from the eyes of a potential buyer. What looks good about your property? What needs to be improved? Take notes of your findings and you should soon see what needs changing.

Improving your curb appeal shouldn’t cost a lot of money, depending on your situation. Making improvements to your property frontage will usually be because of small jobs. Washing windows, weeding the garden and dressing the door are usually the best places to start.

This article will cover the following points

Dress up the Door Wash the Windows Add Colour with Plants Weed and Tidy

Dress up the Door

As the main entrance to your home, the front door is the focal point of your exterior. If yours has peeling paint or a rusty, old door knob, it’s time to either spruce it up or trade it in for a new one.

Statement colours are a great way of adding curb appeal, and making a house stand out from the others on the street. A healthy coat of paint in the same shade as your windows and guttering should do the job just as well.

Don’t forget the handle, knob and letter box too! You can pick up metal polish relatively cheaply and buff them up so they look like they’re brand new.

Wash the Windows

It may seem petty, but dirty windows can be a real turn off. Not only does it make people think you don’t care about the outside of your property, but it can cause people to assume the rest of your home receives a similar level of care. It could result in your home being deemed a ‘doer-upper’.

Whether you give them a good scrub yourself or hire in the professionals you’re sure to see the light when they’re beautifully clean and clear again.

While you’re giving them a wash have a good look at the frames – are they in good condition or do they need replacing? The average window should last around 20 years, so if yours have been in for nearly this long, give them a once over.

Add Colour with Plants

Give the front of your home a pop of colour by introducing some potted plants either side of the doorway or by placing flower baskets near the windows.

This is a quick and affordable way of transforming the front of your home; you can even get containers already potted from garden centres saving you the effort.

Weed and Tidy

Give your home a bit of tender loving care every few weeks to keep it looking in tip top condition. Weeds creeping up among the bricks in your driveway, overflowing drainpipes and the bins out for collection are not a good look.

Put the kids’ bikes away, brush away any leaves and only put the rubbish out the night before collection. These quick, small jobs won’t take much time or effort, but will leave the house looking much better from the outside.