When you’re looking to buy a new home, it’s important to do your research into the local area, whether it be house prices, local amenities such as shops and things to do, the local schools, or the level of crime in the area.

But something else that you might need to think about is who you’re going to be living next door to!

While every town and city has its more lively areas and those which are more peaceful and quiet, we decided to carry out Freedom of Information requests to some of the country’s major towns and cities to find just where has had the most complaints lodged to the council regarding noisy neighbours.

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The UK’s Noisiest


Of all the councils that we contacted, Leeds was the one that has received the most noise complaints over the last three years, a total of 27,316.

Glasgow had the second-highest number of complaints over the same period, with 20,521, closely followed by Belfast, with 20,261.

The UK’s Quietest


At the other end of the scale, these were the councils that reported the least number of noise complaints between 2016 and 2019.

These were mainly smaller towns and cities such as Reading, with 1,549, Wolverhampton (1,694) and Northampton (2,289).

Rank Town/City Total Noise Complaints 2016-2019

London’s Noisiest


It’s no surprise that the capital is the source of more noise complaints than anywhere else in the country, so we decided to break this down and see which of London’s borough had the noisiest neighbours.

Those with the most noise complaints were generally found in inner boroughs such as Westminster (50,569), Kensington and Chelsea (41,499) and Hammersmith and Fulham (41,412).

London’s Quietest


If you want to try and find a quieter neighbourhood in the capital, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, these might be some of the places to consider.

Of all the boroughs that we contacted, Tower Hamlets reported the lowest number of noise complaints, with just 2,037 over the last three years, followed by Kingston upon Thames (2,401) and Camden (2,614).

Rank Borough Total Noise Complaints 2016-2019


We submitted Freedom of Information requests to the local councils of some of the UK’s most populated towns and cities to find which dealt with the most reported noise complaints.

Specifically, we requested noise complaints from the most populated towns and cities around the UK, as well as each London Borough.

For each, we took the last three years worth of noise complaints, we’re able to compare cities and find out which ones are making progress.

Please note that each council has its own way of recording complaints, so results may not always be directly comparable.