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How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
16th January 2017 (Last updated on Monday 16th April 2018)

Packing up everything you own when moving house is a heck of a task. The Compare My Move packing tips will definitely help you but todays' lesson is 'shoe specific'. You might think that packing shoes doesn’t require advice… but that just means you’re not into your shoes… For some of us, this is important business. If you’re reading this then you are probably ‘some of us’... And there’s no shame in that!

So, packing shoes… Here are a few tips:

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Clear Out Clean Pack Rack Label

Clear Out

First up… a shoe sort out… Do they all need to go with you to the new house? Even the Spice Girl Platform Trainers you haven’t worn since 1997? Come on! Any shoes that are ruined, throw them out. Any that are lovely but you just don’t wear them anymore, give them away. Once you let your friends now you’re having a shoe cull, they’ll be circling like vultures so they won’t be difficult to get rid of. 


Once you have decided which of your shoes are going with you to your new house, it is a good idea to give them a clean. Any old, dry mud on the bottom of one pair of shoes could end up on top of your favourite suede boots when they’re all in a box together (gasp). It is likely you won’t be leaving your shoes in the boxes for too long but if you have a mountain of shoes, it might take a while to unpack them all. If this is the case, then you could consider putting a smidge of talcum powder inside the shoes before packing them to draw out any moisture and prevent them from becoming damp….. Plus, they will smell fresh and lovely… Not to suggest you have whiffy feet or anything.


If you have kept any of your shoe boxes, then use them. It is good to have shoes packed in shoe boxes before throwing them all together in one box.

Fill your shoes with packing paper to help them to keep their shape but avoid newspaper as the ink can rub off onto your fave platforms and that just won’t do. Stuff boots all the way to the top if they have a rigid shape that you don’t want to lose. Once the shoes are stuffed, wrap them individually in packing paper. Pack shoe boxes into the bottom of the box first and then start creating layers with the wrapped-up shoes. Pack boots on the top by laying them flat and then pad the top of the box with a blanket or some clothing (a coat works well).

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This one is a bit crazy but it can work... If you keep your shoes in a shoe rack, place the shoe rack onto a blanket and wrap it up tight, as if you are wrapping a gift. Secure with cling film and tape so it is adequately padded and secured and you can move the rack as is. 


It goes without saying that moving boxes need labelling. When labelling the box you have packed your shoes in, be sure to write on the box what kind of shoes are in there… If you want to be super diva-ish… You could go all ‘Clueless’ and tape some Polaroid pictures of your shoes onto the box they are packed in. Too much?

Here endeth the lesson. We hope it helped. Good luck in your new home, from Team CMM.