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How To Move A Bed

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
16th January 2017

Moving a bed can be a lot of effort – they are usually awkwardly shaped, heavy and involve a lot of manoeuvring – but it’s not impossible!

While hiring a removal company would be easier, faster and safer, with some preparation and the help of a few friends, you can move your bed yourself. The following is a guideline to help you out on moving day:

This article will cover the following points

Before Moving Day Strip the Bed Safety Packing the Mattress Disassemble the Bed Getting the Bed to the Van Transport Hire a Removal Company

Before Moving Day

Before you start to disassemble the bed, make sure that moving it is actually worth the time and effort – unless you really like your bed or it has sentimental value, you might find that you can sell your current one and buy another one for your new home.

If you do decide to bring your bed with you, avoid any nasty surprises by measuring the length of your bed to make sure it will fit in your new place! You don’t want to go through the effort of disassembling the bed just to end up having to sell it if it doesn’t fit in your new room.

Strip the Bed

Once you are ready to move your bed, make sure to strip it of all its bedding – the duvet, pillows, sheets – and pack it all together so it’s easy to find.

You will need a larger vehicle to pack everything, so if you don’t have one, hiring a van is going to be necessary.


Don’t underestimate how much damage can be done just by trying to move a bed – they can be extremely heavy and cause injury if you don’t handle it correctly. Try not to do heavy lifting by yourself, ask for your friend’s help so you don’t strain yourself.

Wear gloves and avoid wearing baggy clothing or long jewellery too, as they can get hooked on something and again, cause injury if you drop your bed frame or mattress.

Wearing the right footwear is also important – your shoes need to provide support and protection with anti-slip soles when you are moving everything from your room to the van.

Packing the Mattress

Once you have packed the bedding, move the mattress off the bed and put it into a mattress bag for protection during the move. If you don’t have a bag, wrap it up in old sheets and blankets and tape them in place.

If your mattress is too heavy, remember to use moving straps for heavy lifting.

Disassemble the Bed

Once you have wrapped the mattress up and put it in the van, you need to get the bed frame to the van. The time this takes will depend on the type of bed you have.

If your bed frame has drawers, take them out, empty the contents and wrap the drawers separately in bubble wrap or moving blankets.

Check the manual that came with the bed to see how to disassemble it with the necessary tools. You will usually only need a screw driver, Allen key and a hammer.

Separate the bed frame into as many components as possible, as it will be easier to get it out of the house and into the van.

Don’t try to move the bed frame on your own – ask some friends to help, and try to plan a route out of the house. If the bed frame is too large to fit through the doorway, one option is to temporarily remove the door for extra space.

Remember to place all the tiny parts like nuts, bolts and screws into a sealable plastic bag so you don’t lose them. Pack the bag away with the bedding, so you have everything in the same place.

Getting the Bed to the Van

When you are moving everything from your room to the van, remember to be careful around tight corners so you don’t damage the bed frame or the walls in the house.

The bed frame and the rest of the large bed parts should be the first things to be loaded on to the moving van. Once again, don’t make this a one-person job – ask your friends to help you to prevent injury or damage to the bed frame.


Many people opt to move their mattress by tying it to the roof of their car or van. This isn’t recommended as it really isn’t safe, however, if you’re only moving a few doors down and have no other choice, you can try and be as safe as possible. Tie the mattress to the roof using long pieces of rope and tie them together as tightly as possible. Test how secure the mattress is by pulling and pushing it as hard as possible. It shouldn’t move at all. Avoid busy roads and drive very slowly.

However, as industry experts, Compare My Move would recommend hiring a vehicle large enough to transport your mattress and bed.

Hire a Removal Company

If all of this seems like it might be too much effort, another option is to hire a professional removal company. They specialise in disassembling furniture and will get it done quickly, with less risk of damage.

We hope this guide helps you prepare for your move, and makes getting your bed to the new house easier. Remember to ask for help to avoid injuring yourself or damaging your bed.