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How to Move and Pack a Bed when Moving House

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
16th January 2017 (Last updated on Monday 16th April 2018)

How much do we, as lazy and lethargic beings, love our beds?! Ugh, if we could marry our beds we would. Sleeping is like a hobby, a pleasant past time… You have probably taken time and applied careful consideration when choosing your bed so when you are moving house, your beloved bed is one of the most important items to be moved…. and ideally, it’s one of the first things you want to be set up in the new place so you can reward yourself for all your hard work during the house move by crashing in the sack and catching some well-earned snuggles and zzz's.

This article will cover the following points

Packing Your Bedding Packing Your Mattress Disassembling Your Bed Moving Your Bed Hire a Removal Company

Packing Your Bedding

Now, this is important. You are not going to want to pack all of your bedding away into boxes. It is always a good idea to keep one set of bed sheets with you. Have these in with the items you are taking yourself (in your car). This is especially important if you are moving quite a distance and will end up just wanting to go straight to bed as soon as the bed is in…. Imagine having to rummage through tens of boxes looking for your pillow!

Another tip for packing your bedding - Put it to use! There will be items you’ll be packing that need protecting and padding… A duvet and some sheets and pillows make for some pretty effective padding. So, if you have breakables to pack, pack them in with the soft cosiness of your bedding. Pillows and cushions are also great for topping off a box that’s getting heavy. You want to use up space but don’t want to overload so keep that in mind.

Packing Your Mattress

Your removal company may have provided you with a mattress bag but if you don’t have one then wrap your mattress in old sheets and secure with tape. An extra layer of plastic sheeting will also be good. A clever moving tip is to use a fitted sheet on both sides of the mattress. 

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Disassembling Your Bed

Whatever you do, do not use a crowbar. It may be tempting after about half an hour of trying to take the bed apart. Once you’re looking at a pile of broken parts and slats in a heap on the floor, you’ll regret it, so patience is a must… Patience and an Allen Key!

The time the disassembling takes will depend on the type of bed you have. If your bed frame has drawers, take them out, empty the contents and wrap the drawers separately in bubble wrap or moving blankets. Check the manual that came with the bed (as if you still have it… but you never know) to see how to disassemble it with the necessary tools. You will usually only need a screwdriver, Allen key and a hammer…. Go easy on the hammer!

Separate the bed frame into as many components as possible, as it will be easier to get it out of the house and into the van.

Moving Your Bed

OK, so the bed is in pieces and now it’s time to shift it to the van. Even though you’ve broken the bed down into smaller pieces, the odds are, there are still some pretty big sections so carrying it out to the removals van can be a pretty tricky job. Beds are absolute buggers for smashing up your walls on the way out. You can shout ‘pivot’ all you want, but people rarely listen to uncontrolled screams and demands. It’s all about coordination and control. This is why a removal company is your best bet!

Transporting a bed – We’re going to make this plain and simple... DO NOT try moving your mattress by strapping it to the roof of your car… please! That is all.

Hire a Removal Company

If all of this seems like way too much effort, then hire a professional removal company. They specialise in disassembling furniture and will get it done quickly, with less risk of damage.

We hope this guide helps you prepare for your move.