Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors

A partner with Compare My Move since day one, Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors have experienced huge growth from our surveying lead generation service. From the introduction of our Lead Manager to watching their calendar fill up with jobs, Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors credit their company’s success to the high quality of leads from Compare My Move.

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors continue to use Compare My Move due to the fully detailed leads that allow them to quickly convert surveying leads into jobs. Over a year later and Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors’ conversion rate remains extremely high.

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors

Who are Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors?

One of the first surveying companies to join our trial back in 2018, Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors say that other lead generation services have a lot to do to catch up with Compare My Move’s high-quality surveying leads and advanced Lead Manager.

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors were first established in 2014 and offer their surveying services around London and the outskirts. They joined Compare My Move for a free trial of surveying leads in April 2018 and haven't looked back since.

“Compare My Move surveying leads have helped us to be fully booked two weeks in advance.”

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors - Jemma Redpath, Client Relationship Manager

How has Compare My Move helped Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors?

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors have seen huge growth from Compare My Move’s surveying leads, praising us as being at the top of the league in terms of the quality of the leads that we generate.

They find that due to the consistency of first-class surveying leads coming from Compare My Move, they are always fully booked up with jobs. Compare My Move’s surveying leads have helped Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors to increase their workflow as they continue to convert the leads at a high rate. They look forward to further improving their excellent reputation with Compare My Move’s review feature.

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What does Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors think of the service we offer?

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors praise Compare My Move’s surveying leads for arriving with all the correct and necessary information, from customers who need a survey right away. The detailed leads from Compare My Move allow Prinsegate to contact the customer and arrange the job instantly.

As well as the high-quality of the surveying leads they receive, Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors appreciate the variety of leads that Compare My Move generate for them. From one-bedroom flats to seven-bedroom mansions, Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors enjoy the consistent variation of property types from the leads.

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