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This company is no longer a member of our partner network

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Monarch Removals

Monarch Removals

Here at Monarch Removals we enjoy offering a personal service that is built on trust and backed at every level by professional and experienced personnel. We are a family run business that tailors our services to meet the needs of our customer’s specific needs. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service from start to finish.

Our Services

Moving Home in the UK

Whichever mode of transport is used for your house move you can be assured it is the fastest, most appropriate and safest available vehicle for your move. Our house moves service includes full packing (if required), collection, route planning, container loading, finest quality packing materials, carefully trained house removals team and much more – all to ensure you have a stress free house removal experience.

Moving House to Europe

Here at Monarch Removals we offer a professional international removals service, specialising in European removals. We handle house removals by road to France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland and many more areas in Mainland Europe. We provide a full door to door removals service for you and your family, providing a high quality removals service that leaves you with complete peace of mind.

Office Moves within the UK

For all office, IT and industrial relocations we have the equipment, expertise and experience that are essential to offer an office move for your business. We will ensure that you receive a service solution that meets your needs and every step of the office move will be pre-planned and scheduled to ensure minimal disruption to your business.


We have modern storage facilities that will guarantee your peace of mind during the storage period. Your effects can be stored for a few days or indefinitely and we can arrange for access to your goods at short notice.

Locations covered

We have offices in Ockendon, Upminster, Brentwood and London and can help home or business owners from these areas move all over the UK or Mainland Europe.

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