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Moving Day Food

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
18th January 2017 (Last updated on Thursday 30th August 2018)

When you’re moving house, the last thing you will be thinking about is what to have for dinner. Most people end up getting take-away or going to a restaurant, but if you spare 5 minutes to plan ahead, you can have a fantastic home made meal with minimal effort. Use this guide as inspiration for your moving day food.

The first thing you need to do is pack your kitchen utensils, one pot, one pan and as much crockery as you need in a box clearly labelled ‘KITCHEN’. Make sure your removal company does not pack it away so you can have it in your car so it can be easily accessible throughout the day. Next, look through your fridge and pack any sauces, spices and non-perishables that you have left – these will all be used to make your first moving in meal.

We promise the following meals will only require one pot or pan and a maximum of 30 minutes of your time (less time than it takes to get pizza delivered!).

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Soup or Stew Stir-Fry Pasta Fajitas

Soup or Stew

These are very easy meals to make which only require one pot, a spoon and a bowl for each person you’re serving.

All you need to do is heat the ingredients and stir for a few minutes, and you’re done! Tomato soup or potato and leek soup are just two options out of many more that will be perfect to end moving day and warm you up.

Estimated cooking time: 30 minutes.

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If you aren’t in the mood for soup or stew and want to eat something more substantial, a stir-fry is always an easy and filling option.

You’ll need one wok or pan and a knife to cut the vegetables. Here are some examples of easy-to-prepare, delicious stir-fry recipes to have at the end of moving day.

Estimated cooking time: 20 minutes


Once again, all you need is one pot. If you want to make some pasta, make sure you have already packed some sauce, or go to your nearest shop to pick some up. Boil some noodles, and then if you want to include more ingredients, add some chicken, vegetables, or simply toast some bread to have with it.

Estimated cook time: 15 minutes


After a tiring day of moving, you will want a meal that’s going to fill you up. Fajitas are a great choice as all you need is a pan. Simply add some chicken and chilli powder and cook until no longer pink. Add the peppers and cook until tender, and then the drained diced tomatoes for two minutes until hot. And you’re done!

Estimated cooking time: 25 minutes

With all of these meals, you can make big enough portions to have as leftovers to reheat for the busy days of unpacking to come, when you don’t have the energy left to cook any food. So, when you move house, don’t feel like take-away or a restaurant are the only options you have for food. You can make a perfectly good homemade meal in no time whatsoever and with little effort.

If you’re about to move house make sure you read our moving in checklist so that you don’t forget anything and can start cooking right away! It’s also a good idea to book your removal company well in advance use our price comparison service to get the best quote.