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For all press and media enquiries, please email or call 02920 660143. Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Jonathon Ferrari
Compare My Move
33-35 Cathedral Road
Cardiff, CF11 9HB

Write For Us

We often accept articles from companies within the property and removals industries. If you work within these fields and might be interested in writing an editorial piece for our blog, we’d love to hear from you. To ensure the best quality writing, we ask that you adhere to our editorial guidelines before submitting any articles.

1. Articles Must Be Unique and Pitched First

We cannot accept any articles that have not been pitched first. All editorial enquiries should be emailed to Let us know the title of your article idea first, and what you intend to write.

If your article is accepted, we must insist that your content is unique and has not been published anywhere previously. You must agree that you will not publish the submitted content to any organisation (including your own) in the future.

2. Include Images Where Possible

Images must be safe for use; they must either be royalty free, under creative commons or have permission for use from the copyright owner. If you cannot guarantee the usage of certain images, don’t include them - we can always fill in the gaps with our own images.

3. Posts Must Be More Than 800 Words

We generally find that posts that are around 800-1,000 words do best. There is no maximum word limit, but always consider readability. None of our blog posts exceed 1,600 words. We reserve the right to edit articles to meet these guidelines.

4. Maximum Two Links to Your Website

We understand that getting your company name out there is important, but our aim is to create and publish articles that have value for our readers and customers. We can only accept a maximum of two links to your website in one article.

5. Include a Short Company Description

Please include a short 30-word description of your company which will be included at the bottom of your blog post.

To pitch an article idea, email us at with your idea and a description of the company you are writing for.

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