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How many other companies will I compete against?
We will only ever send leads to a maximum of 6 removal companies. So you would only be competing against a maximum of 5 at any time. This can often be less but will never be more.
I only deal with larger moves. Can I filter out small moves?
Yes our service means you can tailor the leads to suit the specific move types you require. This is based on the bedroom size of a property so for example you can choose to only receive leads for 3 bedrooms and above or just 1 & 2 bedrooms moves if you only service smaller moves.
What happens if I get an invalid lead?
We will only ever charge you for genuine removal leads. In the unlikely event you receive leads with bad information or duplicate leads these will always be credited back to you.
How do I pay for leads after the free trial if I become a full time partner?

We offer a number of account options;

Auto-Top Up Pay As You Go Account (most popular)

Debit/credit card details required. With this account, you simply tell us how much you would like to top up and we'll automatically charge your debit or credit card when required. For example, if you choose to top up £100, we'll send you leads until the credit is used. We'll then charge your card a further £100 topping up your account without you having to do anything. Most of our members prefer this option as they are choosing their spend and because it's automatic, the leads don't need to stop.

Flexible Pay As You Go Account

No payment details required. The pay as you go account is the best way to control your budget and is ‘exactly what it says on the tin’. You are in complete control and are able to top up as much or as little as you like, as often as you like. You will then receive leads until your credit runs out at which point we will email you notification giving you the option to top up again when you’re ready. Payment can be made online by debit/credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Credit Account

Direct debit required. Receive leads for the duration of a calendar month. Invoice will be sent via email on the 1st of each month (or next working day). Payment will be taken via direct debit on the 15th of each month (or next working day). Credit check may be required.

Will the free trial stop automatically once it ends?
Yes the trial will stop automatically once you receive the free leads. We will then be in touch to discuss the success of the trial and let you know how you can then become a full time partner if you wish to. We are always on hand before and during the trial for any help you may need.
How do know I won't just be competing against man & van companies?
We check each and every company that is part of our network and this means we only allow quality professional removal companies to receive our leads. We ran removal companies for many years and understand the need for a level playing field in terms of pricing and as such avoid having man and van companies part of our network.
What do I need to provide to become a partner?
Becoming a partner and taking our free trial is quick and straightforward but we do ensure our partners have the correct processes in place that we would expect a professional removal company to have in place. This includes correct insurances, terms & conditions, working website, positive company feedback and an agreement to our own terms and conditions including our Compare My Move code of practice.
Am I tied into a long term contract?
We don't believe in tying any of our partners into a long term contract. As such you are free to stop and leave the service at any time no questions asked.
Can I limit the amount of leads I take?
Yes absolutely. We allow all members to limit the leads based on a daily, weekly and monthly limit. This can be confirmed when you set up your free trial and can be updated at any point thereafter.
How much are the leads after the free trial?

The prices for our leads are as follows:

  • Central London leads - £7.95
  • Greater London leads - £6.95
  • Rest of UK leads - £5.95
  • Smaller moves - £3.95

*prices exclude VAT

What if I have any questions or want to make changes to my service?
You will have a dedicated account manager on hand to help and advise you as you need. Any queries, information or changes you may need to make is always quick and easy
I only do international moves. Can I choose the type of lead I receive?
Yes, you can choose to service whichever lead type you require. Take just one or all of the lead types we offer: home, office and international removals leads
I've bought leads before but it didn't work. Why should I use Compare My Move?
The Compare My Move team worked for many years in the removals and storage industry giving us the experience and knowledge to provide the very best service to our members. Our growing network of movers across the UK is currently receiving a large percentage of their leads via and 95% of them say their business has grown because of our leads. We are very hands on with all our partners and are constantly listening to feedback to improve the service to ensure we offer the number 1 removal lead service in the industry
Why is Compare My Move better than traditional marketing?
Rather than paying for marketing that targets people who may or may not be moving, using Compare My Move means that you will only pay for leads from genuine movers. This means your ROI will be much, much higher using Compare My Move. In fact 90% of our partners prefer our leads to traditional marketing
I only want leads from my local area. Can this be done?
Yes our service allows you to filter leads based on postcode areas. As such you just choose the postcode areas you service. This can be confirmed when you set up your free trial and can be updated at any point thereafter.

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