Moovewe Removals Case Study

The owner of Cardiff Based Removal Firm Paul Hutchings joined Compare My Move based on word of mouth and has had great success from leads generated from the service. Paul tells Compare My Move of some of the successful jobs carried out by him and his company off the back of Compare My Move leads and how he has found the product to be a great investment.

Who are Moovewe?

Based in Cardiff, South Wales, Moovewe Removals pride themselves on the positive reviews from customers and their dedication to make the moving process as stress free as possible. They offer bespoke services that include packing and storage and they specialise in home and office removals. 

What challenges did they face?

Moovewe were new to the industry when they came on board with Compare My Move. In a very competitive sector, it is vital that new and upcoming removal companies can compete and get a fair shot at the removal jobs. They decided a lead generator would be the best way to do this and chose Compare My Move as a partner based on word of mouth from other removal companies that use the product. 

Paul Hutchings, the owner of the company, told Compare My Move that he originally had reservations and questioned whether his company would benefit from a lead generator but went on to state that ‘using a lead generator far outweighs a do-it-yourself approach’. 

‘The professional outfit and professional website were appealing to me’ – ‘The Compare My Move Product has definitely been a good investment’
Paul Hutchings - Moovewe

How did Compare My Move help? 

Paul Hutchings told Compare My Move that Moovewe prefer to rely on our service rather than looking for the leads themselves as this gives them time to focus on other things. 

Paul goes on to state that the Compare My Move Lead Generation Service has ‘absolutely’ been a good investment and that he and his company have gained some great jobs through it. 

What results did they achieve?

Moovewe continue to reap the benefits of their Compare My Move partnership. Paul told us of a job that came through a Compare My Move lead turning into several jobs. The customer moved from Cardiff to Swindon and used storage services. The same customer used Moovewe again to move the items from storage to Swindon the following week. 

Step three of the same job took place recently when the customer moved from the temporary home in Swindon to a permanent home, relying again on the services of Moovewe. 

Paul also told us of another job from a Compare My Move Lead where the customer used them for a house removal and then again for an office removal. Paul states that ‘leads often lead to more leads’

Some other success stories