“Compare My Move has provided us with the opportunity to form the foundations of our business and widely expand our services within a very short time frame!”

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A partner with Compare My Move since November 2020, Move Me Sooner use our lead generation partnership as their main source of removal leads.

Compare My Move helped Move Me Sooner to “form the foundations” of their business, branching out their services “within a very short time frame”. Now they look no further than us for high-quality removal leads.

We spoke with Felicity Healey, Managing Director at Move Me Sooner, to hear how our partnership has established Move Me Sooner as a thriving removals business.

Who are Move Me Sooner?

Move Me Sooner are a Birmingham based removal company that started receiving high-quality removal leads from Compare My Move back in 2020. Almost a year later, they’ve expanded their business with a new fleet of vehicles to keep up with their growing customer base.

Offering their expert house removal service across Oxford, Gloucester, Worcester, Coventry, Dudley, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, Move Me Sooner enjoy a 30% conversion rate from our removal leads and appreciate their great relationship with our dedicated business team. “The team are fantastic, always there to help me and tailor my leads and quick to respond. Stuart is brilliant!

Why Did They Join Compare My Move?

Move Me Sooner found Compare My Move online and decided to branch out from courier work to house removal based jobs. They praise our business team’s quick sign up process which allowed them to get set up and receive leads straight away. “Upon finding Compare My Move, it was a smooth and simple process to get started, we were up and running in less than a week!

Felicity and the team rely on Compare My Move’s lead generation partnership as their “main source of leads as [they’re] guaranteed.” She continues to explain how our service has helped Move Me Sooner “grow tremendously”. “We have increased our customer base as well as our fleet to keep up with demand!

Compare My Move remains the number one choice for Move Me Sooner as other lead generators didn’t offer a detailed partner page, 5-star review feature or “provide opportunities to choose days not to receive leads such as weekends”, which they make the most out of with Compare My Move’s free partner dashboard.

“The team are fantastic, always there to help me and tailor my leads and quick to respond. Stuart is brilliant!”

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What Do They Think Of The Service We Offer?

Move Me Sooner previously used other lead generators alongside Compare My Move, but Felicity explains how we’re the only platform that she “was able to fully tailor the service to meet the needs of the business.” Felicity expands by saying, although lead information was similar, they saw much “lower conversion rates with other lead generators” compared to the high-conversion rate they experience with Compare My Move.

Move Me Sooner have benefited from our new dashboard feature where you can view lead data in your nearby postcode areas, helping to expand to new postcodes to maximise your lead potential. “We have amended our post code areas a couple of times over the past 6 months to suit the market and customer base.”

They also find the lead information helpful, with Felicity stating it “provides us with the customer’s needs for their move and gives the opportunity for customers to write any further comments they may wish to add.”

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