"Our conversion rate with Compare My Move is sky high, much higher than the other lead generators"

A partner with Compare My Move since January 2019, Reliable Surveyors continue to grow their business with our high-quality surveying leads. Jordan Lee-Hixon, Head of Sales at Reliable Surveyors, shares his extremely positive experience of Compare My Move’s surveying leads, efficient service and his relationship with our business team.

With a conversion rate they describe as “sky-high”, Reliable Surveyors are converting 50% of all their leads, on average, which Jordan explains is “much higher than the other lead generators”.

From their consistently high conversion rate to our detailed lead information, Reliable Surveyors can’t praise our service highly enough. Below we will share why Reliable Surveyors’ partnership with Compare My Move has acted as a “breath of fresh air.

Who are Reliable Surveyors?

Reliable Surveyors are a London based property surveyor offering their expert services when you’re buying property in the UK.

Regulated by RICS, Reliable Surveyors have been enjoying high-quality surveying leads from Compare My Move for over 2 years.

With an “extremely high” conversion rate at 50% and “every lead received being positive”, Compare My Move remains the “number one lead generator” for Reliable Surveyors.

Why Did They Join Compare My Move?

Jordan explains it was a no-brainer for Reliable Surveyors to join Compare My Move when they discovered us online, stating it was impossible to miss us as a lead generator. Not only were we the “number one [choice] in the country for lead generation” for Jordan, but his initial conversation with our business team really stood out to him.

Jordan praises our team for their “problem solving and always being quick to give information” to help them make the most out of their leads and postcode choices. “What you’re offering and having that initial contact with the team” really allowed Reliable Surveyors and Compare My Move to build a relationship from the get-go.

With their head office based in London but offering their services from Milton Keynes all the way down to the bottom of the country, Reliable Surveyors can’t stress enough how useful it is to be able to switch on or off certain postcodes when work gets busy. “When we call you to switch off leads, it’s done very quickly, and when you switch them back on again we always receive the leads quickly, no delays and easy to contact.

“Compare My Move are our number one choice for lead generation in the country”

Reliable Surveyors

What Do They Think Of Our Service?

Jordan describes working with Compare My Move as “a breath of fresh air” compared to other lead generators. Reliable Surveyors often come to our expert team if they have any queries regarding their postcode choices, with Jordan explaining the team are always quick to share helpful information, calling the consistent quick responses “...beautiful and bliss”. “When leads slow up, you’re very resourceful in sharing how you’re receiving your information on your end.”

Reliable Surveyors accredit their high conversion rate to the amount of detail we provide in each lead, stating they can’t express enough that the “...lead information is really top-notch”. Jordan is pleased with the amount of detailed client information the leads feature, explaining it makes the company come across as professional and effective when they talk to the clients as they have all the important information they need.

The information that comes across is the information we double-check with the client, which is so helpful. It allows us to gauge what they are looking for and what the problem is quite quickly.” Our lead information means Reliable Surveyors can tailor that initial phone call to the client, ensuring they win the job.

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