Why is our lead generation service different?

Compare My Move provide a high-quality lead generation service for our network of over 400 licensed conveyancers, RICS surveyors and removal companies. We believe our business model is unique, offering features and benefits that you can’t get with commission-based models.

We are proud to provide a no-commission service, meaning all Compare My Move partners will always keep 100% of their profit from each job. We stand out from our competitors by not quoting your customer, allowing you to set your own prices.

We also pride ourselves on being transparent. It’s free to join and you can leave at any time, no contract, no ties. We offer a pay as you go credit account which means you can pay for your leads as and when you want to receive them, with other account options available.

Our business model is superior to our competitors and this article will highlight how.

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No-commission, you keep 100% profit

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We don’t quote your customers

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Dedicated business and marketing and team

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No bidding war

No-commission, you keep 100% profit

Compare My Move are proud to offer a no-commission business model, meaning you keep 100% of your profit.

Unlike commission-based models, you keep every single penny you make from your jobs. By investing in leads from Compare My Move, you will get more leads for your money as well as having a higher potential to earn more money.

For example, if you’re paying 15% commission on a £1,000 job, that’s £150 wasted on commission that with Compare My Move would give you 20 leads*. If you only convert 10% of those 20 leads, you will win 2 jobs with us, instead of just the 1 that you would win with a commission-based model. You’ll get the opportunity to win even more leads if your conversion rates are better. .

*How many leads you get will vary depending on which service you offer, the price you set and your location.

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We don’t quote your customers

What makes Compare My Move unique from our competitors is that we do not quote your customers, you do. When a user compares services with us, they don’t see prices instantly, meaning they won’t choose the cheapest quote straightaway.

By giving you the freedom to quote your customers, you get the chance to set the price you think your services are worth. Unlike other business models, you won’t be underselling your services to fight to be the cheapest quote.

Dedicated business and marketing team

Compare My Move are a team of hard-working individuals that focus on helping your business grow.

Unlike our competitors, we build relationships with our partners, learning what works best for them. Our business team strive to ensure you’re getting the most out of your leads, working hard to help you win jobs.

Our dedicated marketing team pride themselves on using lead generation methods that not only bring in 1000s of high quality leads each month, but they also implement the latest marketing tactics that will put your business in front of customers looking for the service that you offer.

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No bidding war

With Compare My Move’s business model, you are setting the prices for your customers. Partners don’t know what the other is charging, which eliminates a bidding war for the lead and increases your conversion rate.

You’ll be able to offer your bespoke service for the price you think it deserves, without having to worry about competing with other partners who may quote lower prices. Our business model eliminates a system where everyone is reducing their prices to win the job.

Grow your business with Compare My Move

When you join Compare My Move, we will be proud to have you as part of our network of industry professionals. We don’t want you to think of us as just a lead generation service, we want you to see us as a partnership.

We will always champion your business, from initial enquiry to ensuring you’re getting the most out of your leads.

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Win Work With Compare My Move

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