Rolling account terms & conditions

By signing and completing the Compare My Move Limited ("Compare My Move") Rolling Account Authorisation form: you authorise Compare My Move Limited ("Compare My Move") to make a recurring debit from the debit/credit card that you provide.

  • give us permission to debit your account for the amount indicated and agreed to on the Compare My Move website as and when your Compare My Move Pay As You Go Account needs to be put in credit in order to receive Leads (as defined in our terms and conditions) in accordance with the terms of the authorisation granted below and our terms and conditions (a copy of which are appended to this form);
  • acknowledge that you are authorising Compare My Move to make recurring debits from the account listed below until such time as you notify us that you wish to cancel this recurring payment authorisation (please refer to paragraph our terms and conditions for the manner in which you are able to cancel this authorisation);
  • certify that you are an authorised user of the debit/credit card listed below;
  • acknowledge and agree that Compare My Move is authorised but not obliged to take payment from your credit/debit card and it is your responsibility to ensure that your Compare My Move Pay as You Go account has sufficient credit from time to time to receive Leads; and
  • acknowledge that you will not dispute any payments collected in accordance with this authorisation with your debit / credit card company throughout the period that this authorisation remains effective.