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Compare My Move only accepts verified self storage companies into the network, ensuring you’re connected with up to 6 of the most trusted companies in Edinburgh. Rest assured, every partner is verified by our expert team and reviewed by you. Every unit will be constantly monitored by active CCTV and will be equipped with state-of-the-art security systems for added peace of mind.

Our online storage service will present you with an easy-to-read form to complete before being matched with up to 6 verified partners in Edinburgh. The resulting storage company will contact you over the following few days to discuss your personal requirements. Factors such as the type of storage unit required, the length of time renting and the exact location of the facility will be vital when preparing your quote.

Once our partners have asked the relevant questions, they will present you with a detailed quote that is catered for your individual needs. You can then compare all the prices given to you, helping you find the best and most appropriate storage services for you and your requirements.

Compare My Move’s team can connect you with the best storage companies in the business. However, it’s important to note that the delivery of your items will not be included in the prices unless specifically mentioned during initial contact with the partners. Many storage companies offer removals and delivery services, so be sure to mention it whilst discussing your quote.

Our Edinburgh Storage Companies

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    FAQs About Storage in Edinburgh

    Our team wanted to make the process as simple as possible, so we’ve done all the hard work for you, answering all your vital questions about storage in Edinburgh. According to our data, the average size of a storage unit in Edinburgh is 75-100 sq ft.

    We also discovered that August is the most popular month for our storage users, whilst Friday is the most popular day of the week.

    How much does self-storage cost in Edinburgh?

    As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is an incredibly popular city with an estimated population of approximately 524,930 people, according to The City of Edinburgh Council. As Edinburgh is Scotland's second-most populous city and the seventh-most populous in the UK, it’s easy to see why the demand for additional space is high.

    We have researched the average storage cost across the UK so you don't have to. According to Octagon Capital, the average annual cost for a 50 sq ft storage unit in Edinburgh is £892. The nationwide average was calculated at £868, meaning Edinburgh’s latest figure is 3% higher than the UK’s overall average. Research shows that most major cities see an increase in storage costs due to the higher populations and thus higher demand. However, costs do vary depending on a number of factors such as the type of storage required and how close you are to the city’s centre.

    It’s important to remember to compare quotes as early as possible to ensure you are presented with the best deals available in Edinburgh. Comparing storage quotes can save you time, money and stress during the entire process as you’ll be connected with the most professional providers in the business.

    To learn more, read How much does self-storage cost?

    Storage Costs in Edinburgh
    Storage Costs in Edinburgh

    What is the best time of year for storage in Edinburgh?

    After analysing our unique data, our team discovered that August is the most popular month for our storage users in Edinburgh, with 15.97% choosing this time of the year to transport items to their units. July and September were also popular choices, both seeing 13.45% of users. This isn’t surprising to see as summer is often a popular time for the removals and storage industry as it’s the most popular time of the year to move house.

    Moving house is a major factor that affects the demand for storage in the UK. Whether you’re a student moving to or from campus or you’re simply downsizing, moving house can be a chaotic process that requires additional space. As the number of house moves goes up, so does the demand for self-storage as it gives movers more time to unpack and get organised. Businesses may also use the summer months to carry out internal, domestic work throughout the office, thus increasing demand once again.

    April proved to be the least popular month for our storage users in Edinburgh, seeing just 2.52%. May and December tied for second place, with each month seeing only 3.36% of users. Storage costs will vary depending on a number of different factors such as the type of unit required and the date on which you arrange the services. Compare storage quotes as soon as possible to ensure you find the best possible deals for you and your requirements.

    Popular Months For Storage in Edinburgh
    Popular Months For Storage in Edinburgh

    What is the best day of the week for storage in Edinburgh?

    According to our data, Friday is the most popular day for our storage users in Edinburgh, with a strong majority of 41.18% choosing this day of the week. Our removals data also revealed that Friday is the most popular day to move house in the UK, a factor that will greatly affect the demand for storage units nationwide.

    As the weekend is a popular time to travel, move house or simply get organised, you will often see storage delivery prices increase due to the high demand for services. It provides people with the free time required to complete their weekly tasks and chores without having to book time off work. It’s especially useful when moving house as a self-storage unit can help you extend your packing deadline, ensuring no items are rushed or damaged during the process.

    Our team also discovered that Sunday is the least popular day for storage users in Edinburgh, seeing just 3.36%. Not only is this the least popular day to move house, reducing the need for storage, but many providers will also reduce their hours on Sundays. This means there will likely be fewer staff members available at the facility should you encounter issues, potentially deterring some renters from visiting.

    Popular Days For Storage in Edinburgh
    Popular Days For Storage in Edinburgh

    Moving house storage in Edinburgh

    As there are so many tasks to complete and factors to consider, it’s easy to see why moving house is a stressful process for many people. Renting additional storage space can be a great solution that will ensure a more efficient process, extending your packing deadline. Rather than face the pressure of finding a removal company to move your entire household, you can simply store some items in a clean, dry and safe self-storage unit until you have the time to go through them.

    Storage facilities can be especially helpful for people living in large cities like Edinburgh, as there is often higher competition for removal companies. By storing your items before completion, you can lessen the volume of items you need to be moved, expanding your pool of moving companies. Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 verified storage companies across the city.

    Compare storage quotes as early as possible to help you find the best possible deals for your requirements. You can save time, money and stress throughout the moving process by comparing storage companies online via Compare My Move.

    To learn more, read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business storage in Edinburgh

    As of 2018, Edinburgh is home to over 50,000 companies, with The City of Edinburgh Council estimating roughly 343,400 employees in total. Edinburgh is a very active and populous city which is why it isn’t surprising to see so many businesses gravitating towards the city.

    Different providers will offer different business-based storage services. Whether you require archive storage or a traditional self-storage unit, Compare My Move can connect you with the most dependable providers in Edinburgh. Our storage partners offer cost-effective and flexible services to ensure every individual need is met. Each facility will have active CCTV monitoring the area and will be equipped with the latest alarms and security systems.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in Edinburgh

    With 6 universities in the city, Edinburgh is a very popular location for students studying in Scotland. According to The Edinburgh City Council, full-time students account for over 12% of the population in the city, greatly influencing many different aspects of the local area.

    Due to lack of space, many student accommodations in major cities are flats, increasing the demand for self-storage solutions in and out of term times. It’s very common for students to leave campus during the holidays, returning home with only a fraction of their belongings. Rest assured, student self-storage units are an ideal way to protect your possessions whilst you travel to and from campus. There will be active CCTV constantly monitoring the facility as well as state-of-the-art security systems.

    The closer you are to the city centre, the higher the storage costs. Don’t forget to compare quotes with Compare My Move before choosing a provider to ensure you find the best deals available.

    To learn more, read our guide on student-self storage.