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At Compare My Move, we’re here to help with all your container and self-storage needs. Whether you’re moving house and need to declutter, you have overflowing business stock or you’re going home from university for a while, we’ve got you covered.

We can put you in touch with up to 6 local and trusted storage companies in Glasgow so you can get the best price for your storage. Some of our storage companies can also offer house removals as well as storage so this should be discussed on initial contact.

Each company will be in touch with you to discuss your specific storage requirements so they can provide you with accurate quotes for the unit. The choice is then yours. Rest assured, all our storage companies are verified by us and reviewed by you, ensuring we only work with the best storage companies in Glasglow.

Our Glasgow Storage Companies

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    FAQs about storage in Glasgow

    We've researched everything you need to know about storage in Glasgow. Our research shows the average cost for a 50 sq. ft. unit is £700 for a year. 

    Our data shows that January and September are the best times of year to use storage, while Friday is the most popular day of the week. Whether you're using storage for your business, your move or whilst at university, we are here to help.

    How much does container and self-storage cost in Glasgow?

    We’ve researched the costs of self-storage across the UK. According to Octagon Capital, the average annual cost for a 50 sq. ft. unit is £700, almost 20% cheaper than the UK’s national average of £868. City centres usually are more expensive, but it’s good to know that Glasgow remains affordable for storage costs, more than half the price of London.

    You can rent a 20ft storage container in Glasgow for as little as £2 plus VAT per day. If the container is completely new, this may increase to £4 plus VAT. According to We Contain It, renting a 20ft container can cost upwards of £150 a month, with 10ft containers costing £120 a month.

    The cost of your storage unit will depend on the size of the unit and how long you require the unit. Most storage companies offer cheaper prices per sq ft as the unit sizes get bigger, so it’s worth working out how much storage space you’ll need.

    To learn more, read how much does self storage cost.

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    Container storage in Glasgow

    Self-storage units come in a range of sizes and are often located inside buildings owned by the provider. Container storage is different, however. When renting container storage, you'll be given a large metal container that is located outdoors in a remote area. Whilst this could make it susceptible to extreme weather conditions, the size of the container is ideal for moving big or heavy items.

    Whilst some believe that container storage is less safe as it's outdoors, it is actually very secure. The units can only be accessed by staff members and verified clients. There will also be active CCTV monitoring the premises at all times as well as state-of-the-art theft and fire alarms. However, if you're still unsure, avoid storing fragile items in containers as extreme weather could affect the unit.

    The cost of container storage will greatly depend on the size of the container you require as well as your location. Whilst sometimes cheaper than self-storage, it can provide less flexibility as you may need to book an appointment before visiting your container.

    Moving house storage in Glasgow

    With flats being the most affordable property type in Glasgow and seeing a 7.02% in price during the last year, many people living in Glasgow need more space in their properties. Using self-storage during your move can really help alleviate some stress. Whether you need to declutter before moving or your new property doesn’t have space for your garden equipment, self-storage is the answer.

    Whilst less common, container storage is also an option for those moving houses. If you have heavy furniture or other large items to move, this will be the best storage type for you. The containers come in a range of sizes, but they are usually located outdoors or within warehouses.

    By using storage when moving house, you can also help to save on your removal costs as you aren’t packing and moving so many items. If you want to eventually donate or sell some of your items and don't want the hassle of taking them to your new home, putting them into storage will help you get started on this process.

    To learn more, read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business storage in Glasgow

    Glasgow is one of the largest city region economies in the UK and is established as a global business destination. In 2020, there were 7,000 new businesses started, despite the pandemic. Its annual economic growth rate is second to Londons, so we can see why many businesses make call Glasgow home.

    If you’re just setting up a business or you’re a well-established company opening a new office, using storage is the answer. Using self-storage for confidential documents or office equipment while you move can really help to minimise damage to items. If you’re just starting out, you may have a lot of stock but nowhere to keep it - our storage companies offer safe and secure units that are monitored 24/7.

    If you need to store heavy machinery or large furniture for your business, then container storage could be the better option. It will give you much more space to use, potentially at cheaper prices. However, the containers are outdoors, meaning they may not be suitable for storing documents or fragile items.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in Glasgow

    Glasgow is a major centre of higher education and academic research, with top universities in the city such as the University of Strathclyde, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow Caledonian University, and the City of Glasgow College, the largest college in Britain.

    Student accommodation is notoriously small, with many only having space for a single bed and a desk. Many students will go on to find their own flats or shared homes after using university accommodation in their first year, so can often be in-between accommodation. Using self-storage can put your mind at ease if you’re popping home during holidays. Our storage companies have CCTV monitoring and their units are safe and secure. Even better, storage is so flexible you can store as few as single items if needed.

    If you have more to move, you should research container storage in your local area.

    To learn more, read our guide on student-self storage.

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