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Whether you need extra space during your move, more room for excess stock or you’re moving to new halls, using self-storage is the answer. We can put you in touch with up to 6 local storage companies in North London to help with all your storage needs.

All our storage companies pass our verification process so you know that they’re trustworthy. Up to 6 storage companies will get in touch with you to talk about what you need, this will include the size and length of storage required. Our partners will then give you a tailored quote so you can compare storage costs.

Rest assured, all our self-storage partners are verified by us and reviewed by you, ensuring you’re only ever using the best storage companies in North London. Your storage quote will be just a quote for storage and won’t include transporting your items, some of our partners can also help with your house removals if needed and should be discussed at initial contact.

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    FAQs About Storage in North London

    We've studied our data to reveal storage trends in North London. 

    We can reveal the average unit size needed in the city is 75-100 sq ft and the best time of year to use storage is in August. Monday is the most popular day for using storage in the area.

    How much does self-storage cost in North London?

    Research shows that the average cost of a self-storage unit in North London is £33.06, according to SSA’s UK Industry Report. This makes North London the most expensive area in the UK for self-storage. With lots of homes and offices crammed into the city, North London buildings lack space, making there a high demand for storage use, reflected in its price.

    Flats are the most popular property type in North London with a price tag of £572,211. With the next size up being terraced properties at £933,533, it’s cheaper to use self-storage units for extra space in flats.

    To get the best price for your storage costs, you should compare up to 6 providers with Compare My Move. by comparing storage quotes, you can talk to a variety of providers to get the very best deal for your requirements.

    To learn more, read how much does self storage cost.

    What is the best time of year for storage in North London?

    We can reveal that August is the best time of the year to use storage in North London, with 13.71% of people choosing this month. Summer is a popular time to go away, so putting valuable items into storage during your holiday can really give you peace of mind that your personal belongings are protected and safe. January and September are also in demand months for storage in the area, with 12.90% of people choosing both months. These months mark the start of a new university term, which would make sense why they’re in demand with students returning to their accommodation.

    April is the month that’s in the lowest demand for storage, with only 4.03% of users choosing it. Easter holidays fall in April, so many people are too busy to organise their storage. May is another unpopular time for storage and with the start of exam and revision season, we can understand the quiet period.

    Popular Months For Storage in North London
    Popular Months For Storage in North London

    What is the best day of the week for storage in North London?

    Monday comes in as the most popular day to put items into storage in North London, seeing 18.55% of customers choosing this day. Monday is one of the more popular days to move house across the UK, second to the weekend, so we can see why people wait until the start of the week to put items into storage.

    Despite most storage companies being open 7 days a week, Sunday proves to be the least favourite time to use storage in North London, with just 5.65% of people choosing this day. Sunday is also an unpopular time to move house across the UK, so it makes sense that people are avoiding storage this day as well.

    To get the best price for your storage unit, it’s important to compare different days and providers. This way, you can compare and contrast storage quotes.

    Popular Days For Storage in North London
    Popular Days For Storage in North London

    Moving house storage in North London

    Moving house is the most common reason people use storage, and that’s no different in North London. With the majority of sales in North London during the last year being flats, there’s no doubt that there’s a need for extra space in properties in the area. Whether you’re using self-storage to declutter before a move or to create more space in your small flat, using self-storage is a great way to minimise stress.

    Whatever your reason for self-storage, our providers are verified and reviewed so you know you can trust them with your personal belongings. Whether you just need a few items stored during your move, or you need a whole house worth of items put into storage as you’re in-between properties, we’ve got you covered with our flexible options.

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    Business storage in North London

    North London has a population of over 1 million and a workforce of over 300,000, with the public, finance and retail sectors making up the 3 biggest employers in North London. With business booming in the area, many companies are planning growth in terms of second and even third offices or shops. Using self-storage for your business is an ideal way to store important documents and extra stock that crop up while you’re in-between moves.

    Whether you need large warehousing space for your business or you require archive storage, our storage companies in North London are on hand to help with all your requirements. Save time, money and stress on your storage needs so you can focus on your business.

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    Student storage in North London

    Home to the London Metropolitan University, north London has over 10,000 students in this university alone. If you’re studying here but your accommodation is short on space, using-self storage gives you flexibility you need.

    Many students go home during holiday time and leave their accommodation unattended, which is unfortunately a risk in a big city like London. Our storage companies have safe, clean and dry facilities to protect your items from everything. With 24/7 CCTV monitoring, you can rest assured knowing your items are in good hands.

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