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When it comes to finding a self-storage unit, Compare My Move can match you with the best in the business. Whether you need to store items short-term, over a longer period of time, as overflow for a business or during a house move, we have companies who can meet your needs in West London.

We will connect you with up to 6 local and professional storage companies across West London. The companies you’re matched with can discuss your requirements and assist you if you have particular needs, whether you are a student, need storage for a business or need a specialised unit.

Each of our storage partners are verified by us and reviewed by our customers, ensuring you are matched with trusted and reliable companies in the West London area.

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    FAQs about storage in West London

    We've researched everything you need to know about storage in West London. Our research shows the average cost for a self-storage unit is £33.06 per square foot.

    We found that January, July and September are the most popular months for storage and Friday is the most popular day of the week. Whether you're using storage for your business, your move or whilst at university, we can match you with reliable and trusted companies.

    How much does self-storage cost in West London?

    With the need and demand for space in this part of the country, the cost of storage is at a premium in areas across London. According to SSA’s UK Industry Report, the average cost of a self-storage unit in London is £33.06 per sq ft, making it the most expensive area in the UK. The UK’s average is £23.94 per sq.ft, meaning London is almost £10 more per square foot. In West London, the average storage unit size is 75 - 100 sq ft.

    Storage costs will depend on a variety of factors such as your location, how long you rent the unit for, how much square foot you require and whether you require a specialised unit. Don’t forget you can save money on self-storage by comparing quotes for storage companies with Compare My Move.

    To learn more, read how much does self storage cost.

    What is the best month of the year for storage in West London?

    According to our data, storage is rented out in West London during January, July and September more than any other months. Each of the three months accounted for 12.57% of storage rentals in this part of London.

    It’s likely that January is a popular time of year as this is usually when people decide to declutter and start fresh for the coming year. September marks the start of the academic year and for this reason, many students are likely to be utilising self storage at this time.

    The least popular time of year to rent a storage unit in West London was during the month of February, accounting for just 5% of rentals.

    Popular Months For Storage in West London
    Popular Months For Storage in West London

    What is the best day of the week for storage in West London?

    The most popular day of the week to rent a storage unit in West London, according to our data, is on a Friday. The last day of the working week is also the most popular day to move house in many parts of the country. For those utilising self-storage when moving house, it makes sense that moving day and the day of the storage rental would coincide.

    The least popular day to rent a unit in West London is on a Sunday which, again, coincides with our data on removals across the country, with Sunday very often being the least popular day to move house. Less than 9% of storage rentals were organised for a Sunday in this part of London, with Friday accounting for just shy of 19%.

    Friday is likely a popular day as for many people who work the traditional 9-5 in the week, it means limited disruption to work. It also means that if it takes more than a day to move your belongings into and arrange your unit, you have the weekend to finish the job.

    Popular Days For Storage in West London
    Popular Days For Storage in West London

    Moving house storage in West London

    At Compare My Move, we understand the challenges that moving house can present, which is why we set out to make the processes easier. When moving house, you may find yourself needing somewhere to store your belongings in the interim. Whether there is a delay in the chain, you sell your house before buying another or you’re waiting to move into a new build, self-storage options can be a huge benefit.

    Additionally, with space across London costing a premium and flats and homes typically smaller than many other parts of the country, additional storage space can be essential. Rather than getting rid of cherished items, self-storage allows you to store them securely until you need access to them

    Business storage in West London

    West London is home to over 100,000 businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises to global brands, according to Capital West London. Furthermore, West London has a higher proportion of start-ups and micro-businesses than the rest of the capital.

    Storage facilities can be essential for those with a business, especially in London where office space can be limited and often expensive. Be it for overflow of stock, storing office supplies and equipment or essential paperwork, a storage unit can save both time and money for your business.

    Many self-storage units can be accessed 24/7 across West London, making it convenient for collecting items and storing additional supplies whenever you need to. So whether you are an established business or just starting out, this flexible approach for storage can be a huge asset to your business, in addition to keeping your items safe and secure.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in West London

    West London has a healthy student population, with the University of West London ranking 34th in the country in September 2020. Whether you are moving within West London for University or across the city, country or even internationally, self-storage can be essential for many students. This is especially the case for those in dorm rooms, house shares or small student flats where space is limited.

    Having the option of a storage unit offers flexible solutions for students who need to store items either during term time, during holidays and between accommodation. I can also be hugely beneficial to those studying abroad as part of their course. Many storage companies will offer deals and special rates for students so it is worth discussing your options directly with self storage companies to get the best option for you.

    To learn more, read our guide on student-self storage.