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Every storage partner that enters the Compare My Move network is verified by us and reviewed by you. We only work with the most trusted and experienced companies to ensure they can provide the highest quality services. Your belongings will always be in safe hands when with our partners as they all use state-of-the-art security systems and have active CCTV monitoring the facilities 24/7.

By comparing container and self-storage providers in Plymouth, you can find the best deals available in your local area. All you have to do is enter a few quick details into our online form and you’ll be matched with up to 6 dependable storage companies near you. These resulting partners will then contact you directly to discuss your specific requirements and tailor their quotes to you.

Factors such as the length of the contract and the type of storage required will need to be clarified. The companies will then provide you with accurate and bespoke quotations to help you compare and choose the best provider for you and your budget.

It should be noted that whilst Compare My Move can connect you with companies, the quote will not initially include the price of delivery. This must be specified during initial contact. Many storage companies offer removal or delivery services should you require additional help. However, you will need to request this from the start.

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    FAQs About Storage in Plymouth

    Our team has researched and answered all your vital questions concerning storage in Plymouth. According to our data, the average storage unit size in Plymouth is 75-100 sq ft.

    We also discovered that the most popular days for our storage users in the area are Monday and Friday, whilst January and September are the most popular months.

    How much does container and self-storage cost in Plymouth?

    With around 264,000 residents in 2022, Plymouth is actually the 30th-most populous built-up area in the UK and the second-largest city in the South West of England. These high numbers partly explain why so many of our local users are searching for additional storage solutions.

    According to SSA’s 2021 UK Industry Report, the average self-storage rental rate in South West England is £19.53. London holds the highest rental rates as expected, whilst the average rental rate for the UK as a whole is £23.94. This makes the expected price in Plymouth, lower than the overall national average.

    If you're searching for container storage instead, you can expect to pay around £2 a day plus VAT. A 50 sq ft container in the UK costs around £140 per month, according to Blue Box Storage. This calculates at about £2.80 per sq ft. To help you secure the best deals, don’t forget to compare storage quotes with Compare My Move before choosing a provider.

    To learn more, read how much does self-storage cost?

    Average storage rental rate in South West England
    Average storage rental rate in South West England

    Container storage in Plymouth

    Before comparing quotes in Plymouth, you'll need to choose between container storage and self-storage. Whilst self-storage units are located within secure buildings, container storage means renting large metal containers that are in remote locations outdoors. This can make them slightly more susceptible to extreme weather conditions, meaning they're less ideal for fragile items.

    Container storage is completely secure as the units can only be accessed by staff members and verified clients. The facilities will all have active CCTV surveilling the premises as well as modern fire and theft alarms. If you want to visit your container, you may be expected to book an appointment first. However, some types of container storage are actually portable with a wide range of sizes.

    The cost of container storage will vary depending on your location and the size of the container. However, the average cost in the UK is around £2 a day plus VAT.

    Moving house storage in Plymouth

    Whilst it can be a stressful and time-consuming event, container and self-storage can help make the moving house process more efficient and reduce the pressure of any time restraints. You will have a safe, clean and dry place to protect any excess furniture or items, potentially helping you cut down your packing and loading process.

    Many people are looking to downsize recently, with terraced houses being the most popular properties amongst Plymouth buyers. This increases the importance of additional space as you need enough time to carefully sort through your items and decide which are moving into the new house with you. Using storage facilities can be a great way to combat this issue, helping you organise your belongings without having to throw anything away too quickly.

    By using a reliable storage provider, you have peace of mind knowing that your items are completely secure whilst you focus on your house move. Whether you require short or long-term solutions, comparing storage quotes can help you save both time and money by reducing the volume of items that need to be moved.

    To learn more, read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business storage in Plymouth

    According to Data Plymouth, Plymouth provides 108,000 jobs with an economic output of £4.99 billion. Key areas of interest include advanced manufacturing, marine and renewables, creative industries and medical, health and life sciences. No matter what industry your company works in, no matter what size business you are, container or self-storage can be an ideal and cost-effective solution.

    Many commercial storage companies will offer flexible and high-quality services with a range of contracts to choose from. Commercial units can be used for many reasons, such as storing excess stock, housing seasonal equipment and protecting paperwork. However, if you're storing heavy furniture or machinery, container storage will be the ideal option.

    All of Compare My Move’s partners have state-of-the-art alarms and security systems to secure your goods. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are the only key holder for your unit and that the facilities are constantly manned with experienced guards and staff.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in Plymouth

    Plymouth is home to 5 universities with 21,000 students studying at the University of Plymouth alone. This high population is just one of the many reasons why containers and self-storage are in such high demand across the city. There is a range of student storage solutions available, with both short and long-term contracts available depending on your requirements.

    If you’re moving between student accommodations or simply visiting family during the holidays, container and self-storage could be the ideal solution to protect your unused or heavy furniture whilst you travel. Each facility will have active CCTV constantly monitoring the premises and you will be the only key holder to your clean, dry and secure unit.

    Self-storage can be a flexible and affordable solution for students looking for additional space. Many companies offer a range of services, allowing you to store single items or an entire household’s worth.

    To learn more, read our guide on student-self storage.

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