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If you’re looking for an appropriate container or self-storage unit for you, our team at Compare My Move can help. We only work with verified and dependable storage companies across the UK that provide a wide range of quality services. By completing our easy online form, you’ll be connected with up to 6 experienced storage partners in Sheffield. Whether you’re moving house, are a student or a business looking to expand, our storage partners can accommodate you.

Once you’ve completed our form, you will be contacted by our storage partners who will then discuss your quote and specific requirements. You can then compare prices and choose the correct company for the job, saving you both time and money during the process. Rest assured, every partner that enters the network is verified by us and uses safe, clean and dry storage units that are constantly monitored by active CCTV.

It’s important to note that the quote will not include the price of the delivery of your items unless specified by the storage company directly. However, some storage providers will offer removal or delivery services as well as storage, so don’t forget to ask during initial contact to avoid additional fees.

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    FAQs About Storage in Sheffield

    To answer all your storage-related questions, our team has done all the hard work and research for you. After analysing our data, we found that the average storage unit size in Sheffield is 75-100 sq ft. 

    We also discovered that the most popular day of the week for our storage users in Sheffield is Friday, whilst January and September are the most popular months.

    How much does container and self-storage cost in Sheffield?

    In 2019, Sheffield’s population was recorded at 584,028. With this high number and the fact that Sheffield is England's 4th largest city, it’s not surprising that many users are looking for additional space.

    According to SSA’s 2021 UK Industry Report, the average storage rental rate in Yorkshire and the Humber is £18.77. They discovered that London continues to demand higher rental rates than the rest of the UK, with Yorkshire being one of the cheapest regions. As a comparison, the average storage rental rate for the UK as a whole is £23.94.

    You can rent container storage in Sheffield for as little as £2 per day plus VAT, with the average cost of a 50 sq ft container in the UK being £140 per month, according to Blue Box Storage.

    Don’t forget to compare storage quotes with Compare My Move before choosing a company to help you save both time and money during the process. We can connect you with the most professional and verified storage providers to protect your items.

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    Storage Costs in Sheffield
    Storage Costs in Sheffield

    Container storage in Sheffield

    Before comparing quotes, you'll need to decide whether you'd prefer self-storage or container storage. Self-storage units come in varying sizes and are typically located inside buildings. With container storage, you can rent large metal containers instead. They are often located outside in remote locations and warehouses. As they're outdoors, they're slightly more susceptible to extreme weather conditions, making self-storage better suited to those with fragile items.

    However, container storage is still completely secure as the units can only be accessed by verified clients and staff members. All of our partners will have active CCTV overseeing the premises as well as modern fire and theft alarms. Some types of container storage will even be portable, making it a more convenient option.

    The cost of container storage will vary depending on your location and the size of the container you're renting. You may also be expected to book an appointment before visiting the premises so it could be considered slightly less flexible than self-storage.

    Moving house storage in Sheffield

    Container and self-storage can greatly help reduce your moving stress by providing you with additional space to keep your unused or less important items, cutting down the length of your packing process.

    By renting a self-storage unit, you can cut down your removal costs and allow yourself more time to be able to organise and declutter your items. Professional storage providers will ensure your items are completely protected by offering clean, dry and completely secure facilities monitored by active CCTV 24/7. It is a much safer option compared to using damp attics, garages or other people’s property. If you rent container storage, know that a 20 ft container is the perfect size for the contents of a 3-bedroom house.

    Whether you’ve sold your previous house before buying a new one or simply need somewhere safe to keep items in the interim, storage can help reduce the stress of moving house. It can save you both time and money during the moving process and reduces the volume of items that need to be moved.

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    Business storage in Sheffield

    There are approximately 45,439 businesses of various sizes located in Sheffield, with iron and steel being one of the most prominent industries. Container and self-storage facilities can be essential for many local businesses, whether it’s for the overflow of stock or for storing equipment and furniture. It can be an ideal solution that provides your company with additional space to grow and expand.

    Many business storage facilities offer flexible and cost-effective plans with 24-hour access. The units can be used for many different purposes including storing additional stock, seasonal equipment or even private paperwork. All of our storage partners will have state-of-the-art security systems to protect your possessions and you will also have peace of mind knowing that you’re the only keyholder for your unit.

    If you need to store heavy machinery, vehicles or large furniture, container storage will be the best solution.

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    Student storage in Sheffield

    There are 2 universities located in Sheffield, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. As it’s such a large city, Sheffield is currently home to around 60,000 students, resulting in constant demand for student accommodation. Container and self-storage can be a great benefit when moving between student housing, with both short and long-term contracts available to provide extra flexibility.

    Many students will leave their accommodation during holidays, resulting in the need for additional space to temporarily store items. Self-storage units provide students with a secure facility to keep their items during term time, over the holidays, during house moves and during their time abroad. It’s also useful for international students studying in the city. Container storage is better suited to those with large, heavy furniture.

    Many storage providers will offer exclusive deals and special rates for students. It’s a very flexible and cost-effective solution for those wishing to store single items or entire households.

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