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15 Creative Things To Do With Cardboard Boxes

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
2nd May 2017 (Last updated on Monday 13th November 2017)

So you got a great saving on house removal costs, you made the big move to your new home and the process was a huge success. But now you’re left with hundreds of cardboard boxes and you don’t know what to do with them.

You could recycle them! Or, here are a few fun solutions to try:

This article will cover the following points

1) Build a Robot Friend 2) Toddler's Shape Box 3) A Den 4) Halloween Fancy Dress 5) Simple Storage 6) A Maze 7) A Pin Hole Camera 8) Christmas Reindeer 9) Christmas Wrapping 10) 3D Tree 11) Miniature Aeroplane 12) Cat Chaise Lounge 13) A Guitar 14) Table Football 15) Cardboard Sign

1) Build a Robot Friend

Never mind an imaginary friend, a robot is so much cooler. Make your own using a few of the left over boxes and plenty of sticky tape. What are you going to call your robot? We like Robbie the Robot!

Cardboard robot friend

(image: Yuiiwae)

2) Toddler's Shape Box

You’ve probably seen the smaller plastic versions of these toys. They are a great way of teaching young children about different shapes and colours. Save a few pounds by getting crafty with a pair of scissors and some colourful marker pens. We think this looks fab!

Toddlers shape box

(image: Shelterness)

3) A Den

Making dens are an essential part of childhood. And a cardboard box is the perfect building material – it’s customisable and extensions can easily be added if you outgrow it. They can be quite dark though, so remember to make some windows or a sky light.

Cardboard den for kids

(image: Pinterest)

4) Halloween Fancy Dress

Halloween is just around the corner, and you can save a lot of money by making your own costume. Get the art supplies out and let your imagination run wild. You can be anything you want to be, for one night only.

Halloween fancy dress

(image: lil sugar)

5) Simple Storage

A simple idea is to use the boxes as storage. In their normal brown state they don’t look too attractive though, so jazz them up a little using wrapping paper or paint. They work brilliantly on shelves to store electrical wires, kids’ toys, stationary or generally bits and bobs.

Cardboard storage boxes

(image: Design Dazzle)

6) A Maze

This may have to be placed outside for the floor space required, but you can bring the TV show Takeshi’s Castle to life with this miniature maze. Can your little ones navigate the maze without getting caught by Daddy?

Packing boxes maze

(image: Educacioilestic)

7) A Pin Hole Camera

Okay, so admittedly this picture is a bit fancier than the basic pin hole camera, but making a simple camera is a great way of teaching children how photos are made and how light reacts.

Pin hole camera

(image: Mailing Bags)

8) Christmas Reindeer

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is approaching quickly. Turn your boring old Christmas wreath into a piece of modern art by adding a cardboard reindeer to the centre. It’s easier to do than it looks!

Christmas reindeer

(image: Pinterest)

9) Christmas Wrapping

Do your family members and friends like to guess what they have as a Christmas present by feeling or shaking wrapped items with their name on? Well, throw them off the scent this year by placing presents into a box before wrapping. Or you could always place a box inside a box, for a fun game of pass the parcel!

Christmas wrapping

(image: Public Domain Pictures under CC0)

10) 3D Tree

Bring a sense of the outdoors in by making a stylish 3D tree. Simply cut out 2 tree shapes and create a centre slit on each piece (from opposite ends), the tree will then simply slot together and stand all by its self. These look great in modern properties as contemporary Christmas trees, or in an enchanted themed child’s bedroom.

3D Christmas tree

(image: Pinterest)

11) Miniature Aeroplane

Let’s face it, most of us don’t get to jet set off on an aeroplane as much as we’d like. But you can make believe with the kids, and pretend you’re off on holiday anytime you like. And this crafty idea will make it seem almost realistic.

Cardboard aeroplane

(image: Pop Sugar)

12) Cat Chaise Lounge

Do you have a pampered pussy cat? Well, any cat will be living in the lap of luxury with this miniature chaise lounge made of an old cardboard box.

Cat chaise lounge

(image: Apartment Therapy)

13) A Guitar

Real guitars can be a little pricey to buy, so while you save up have an art session and build a cardboard box version. They may not sound as good, but they are great for playing make believe around the house.

Recycled guitar

(image: Pinterest)

14) Table Football

So this idea is for big and small kids alike. Battle it out to see whose football team is best in this handmade foosball table. And the best thing is that it can fold away when you’re done with it, to give you more space.

Table football

(image: Trend Hunter)

15) Cardboard Sign

Finally, you could make light of a bad situation like this fellow. Humour makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Cardboard sign

(image: Josh Swieringa under CC BY 2.0)