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Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
19th January 2017 (Last updated on Monday 13th November 2017)

When you move into a new house, it can take a while to adjust and feel at home. We are creatures of habit and we become easily attached to familiar surroundings. Getting up in the night to use the bathroom or to check on the kids can be done with your eyes closed, you know where everything is, it is comforting, it smells like home and although you are ready to leave it, it’s strange to be doing so. How weird is it to think about someone else sleeping in your bedroom and cooking in your kitchen?!

Some say that home is where you hang your hat but for many, home is more than a location and a roof over their head, it’s a place of sanctuary and security, a place of comfort and control and above all else, it’s familiar and it’s theirs.

Moving into a new place is exciting. Everything is fresh and new, a blank canvas for you to paint and put your stamp on. So, although it might not feel like home just yet, it soon will and for now, you can just enjoy the novelty while you’re still caught up in the busy bustle of the move.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting home. Whether it’s been a long day at work, you’ve been travelling or perhaps you’ve only just popped out to do some shopping, the feeling of getting in and closing the door behind you is one of the most comforting things in the world. That feeling will come to you eventually with your new home. There are some things that you can do to coach that feeling along.

This article will cover the following points

Unpacking and Settling In The First Few Weeks

Unpacking and Settling In

 1) Unpack

OK, so it’s pretty obvious but, if you are feeling strange on day 1 then don’t panic, that’s simply because the place is looking cold, empty, sparse and without character. Boxes piled high and furniture plonked in the middle of the room. The chaos of it will be odd and unsettling. Tell yourself that it will look and feel differently once all of your things are unpacked. It is good to unpack what you can as soon as you can. As you start moving just a few things into place even on the first day, it will start to look and feel like it’s your home.

 2) Hang the Curtains

Part of the comfort and security of home is the feeling of privacy. Home is a personal space so we need to keep it that way. A new home feels bare and with uncovered windows, this can make us feel vulnerable. Putting curtains up in the first instance is a really good idea because, as the night falls and it becomes dark, the feeling that people can see into your home can feel like an invasion and ultimately, it will affect the way you feel in your first 24 hours in your new home.

 3) Put the Bed Up

If you can, it is advisable to put your bed up straight away. Moving is tiring. It’s not just the physical aspect of hoisting and shifting boxes and furniture all day but there’s the adrenaline dump after what has been a busy and testing time. As humans, we don’t always welcome change and the rigmarole of moving house and worrying that we are forgetting something can sometimes be enough to wind us tight. When it’s all over, we’re in our new houses, we might find ourselves unwinding and just wanting to crash. Feel free… sleep now and start the unpacking tomorrow.

 4) Recreate

If there are wall or ornament displays in your current home that you really like, you could take a photograph before you take it all down. That way, at the new house you can recreate it. This will instantly give you that sense of familiarity. This area in your new home will remind you of your old home.

 5) Personalise

A great way to add a personal touch to your new home is to display photographs of family and friends or any sentimental items you have. Seeing these things that are important to you placed in these rooms will make it feel like home.

 6) Add Soft Textures

To make your new home feel soft, cosy and warm, get your carpets and rugs down. Drape sofas with your favourite and familiar throws. It will add that level of comfort and cosiness and will be more inviting.

The First Few Weeks

Once you have made all of these changes, hopefully in the first few days of your move, you will be beginning to settle down. Once everything is unpacked and there is clear evidence around the house that it’s your home, you may still feel as though you haven’t quite bonded with the space. There are a few things that we think will work:

1) Fall Asleep on the Sofa

The first time you fall asleep on the sofa in front of your TV in your new living room, you will feel like it’s home. You wouldn’t (ordinarily) fall asleep on someone else’s sofa.

 2) Cook a Meal 

It’s easy on the first few nights in your new home to rely on takeaway food or accepting a frozen lasagne from your Mum, but when you make the time to cook a proper meal in your new kitchen, you will feel more at home.

 3) Have Friends Round

Filling your home with familiar faces and voices is a good way to start settling down. You will see that everything is normal, all the people you love are still around and they know where to find you.

 4) Spend Time Alone in Your House

You are hardly likely to get used to a place if you don’t spend time there. Quality time at home alone will force you to unwind and relax. Once you associate those relaxing feelings with that house, you will soon find you have settled in without even noticing.

5)  Make Use of Storage

Keeping your home functional and organised is one of the keys to keeping a happy home. When you move to a new place, start as you mean to go on. Find a place for anything and declutter regularly.

Once the removal company has packed up and left, don’t feel too put out if you aren’t immediately in love with your new home. Settling in takes time, and with some patience and a few personal touches to the décor, you will start to enjoy being there! 

“Welcome Home.”