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Features and Benefits in 2019

Martha Lott

Written by

1st Jan 2018 (Last updated on 4th Jan 2021) 3 minute read

Here at Compare My Move, we're constantly aiming to improve and adapt our service to meet our partner's needs and feedback. Here we look at some of the features we've introduced last year, and explore some schemes and projects we want to introduce in 2018.

As we evolve our service, we want our partners to grow too. This is why we encourage feedback from our partners at all times, so we can grow in a direction that suits both the removal partner and the mover.

This article will cover the following:
  1. Plans and Features for 2018
  2. Features and Benefits Introduced in 2017

Plans and Features for 2018

In the coming year, we want to naturally evolve from the many of the features were introduced in 2018. We're a company that listens to our partners, and we aim to continue to improve this relationship over the next year. Below are some exciting projects and schemes we're looking to develop and implement in 2019 and beyond.

Affinity Offers to Save You Money

We want to continue to increase the value of being a Compare My Move partner, and with this in mind we're looking into developing a range of affinity offers for our partners. Some of the schemes we're exploring include Compare My Move Fuel Cards, offers on Video Surveys, and discounted packing materials and equipment.

Online Partner Portal

We aim to build up from the current review facility found on the partner portal to include account management, reports, lead management, and communication with customers. We want the whole process to be streamlined for you in 2019.

Updating and Improving Filters

We constantly want to improve and update our filters to ensure our leads are the best they can be. With your feedback we're continuously updating and improving our filters, and will continue constant improvements in 2019.


We want to develop and arrange a range of educational webinars to increase interaction with our partners, offering help and advice on a range of moving subjects

Improving Lead Generation

We constantly look to improve the leads we generate, and a big point we want to work on in 2019 is ensuring leads are warmer to your calls. We'll continue to listen to partner feedback to adapt and improve our service throughout 2019.

Partner Visibility

We want to continue the partnership and increase the visibility between Compare My Move and our partners, with possible ideas for an ‘Ask A Removal Company’ feature on the site, videos and text case studies.

Features and Benefits Introduced in 2017

2017 was a time of growth for Compare My Move and our partners. As a service made by movers for movers, we've concentrated on listening to our partners to grow in a direction that benefits all. Here are some of the features introduced in 2017.

Relaunched Partner Pages

We've expanded the information provided to our movers through relaunched Partner Pages. Pages now include reviews, service descriptions, a map of area covered and even pictures.

Customer Reviews and Partner Portal

We collect verified customer reviews, which are then published on the respective Partner Pages. We introduced a partner portal as a way for partners to reply to reviews and feedback.

Partner Outreach and Case Studies

We continued to showcase success stories with partner case studies. We also highlighted the expertise of our partners with inclusion of quotes and tips in blogs and articles.

Reviews Badge

We've introduced a Review Badge which our partners can embed in their websites to link with Compare My Move reviews and respective Partner Page.


2017 saw the launching of a monthly newsletter to all partners, which we continue to adapt and grow. Sections include deals, a monthly lead breakdown, and important news.

A Year of Deals

Some of the deals introduced last year include a bulk buy deal for one bedroom leads (amounting to as little as £3 a lead), and a half price deal on International Leads.

Martha Lott

Written by Martha Lott

Having written for Huffington Post and Film Criticism Journal, Martha now regularly researches and writes advice articles for everything moving house related.

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