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Get high-quality house clearance leads

Join our trusted network and enjoy quality leads

A great investment with an extremely high return on quality leads.
Intercity Removals

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Receive real-time leads from movers in your area

A great investment with an extremely high return on quality leads.
Intercity Removals
No contracts, no commission
We advertise to over 4.5 million home movers
Dedicated sales team
House clearance1

Get quality leads

Get real-time leads
Big and small jobs
Flexible account options

Tailor your leads1

Win local jobs

Take on local or national jobs
Add or delete postcodes
View areas with no competition

Grow your business1

Grow your business

Get a dedicated account manager
Personalised Lead Manager
Partner page to showcase reviews

Why use Compare My Move for lead generation?

We aren’t just a lead generation service, we want you to see us as a partnership. When you join Compare My Move, we will champion your business, helping you to get the most out of your removal leads.

Our business model is unique, offering features and benefits that you can’t get with commission-based models. It’s free to join, you keep 100% profit and we leave the quoting to you, meaning there’ll never be a bidding war for jobs.

how it works

Lead generation 1

Discover your earning potential

Earnings per Job £1300

Your average earnings per job

* Default value based on Compare My Move customer data from 2022

Conversion Rate 20%

The amount of leads you convert from your sales process

Earning Potential

The amount you will make per 100 leads.


Take advantage of free perks to help your business grow

We’re always looking for ways we can champion your business. Our partnership comes with free perks that you can opt-in for in your Lead Manager.

From discounts on Public Liability insurance to big savings on fuel, we’re always on the hunt for new benefits to help you grow your business.

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    Get going straight away with our flexible account options

    Choose from a pay-as-you-go or bonus account and start receiving high-quality house clearance leads right away.

    Never pay full price for your leads with our bonus account, benefit from 10% free leads every time you top up. There are no contracts or ties for both accounts, you can cancel for free anytime.

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    Always be in control of your account and leads

    Our online account management tool called Lead Manager allows you to buy leads and manage your account 24/7.

    You’ll be able to change your account settings, view low competition postcodes and manage reviews easier, helping you make the most of your leads. You can view everything in one place for a more efficient process. You can now download the Lead Manager App for Android and IOS.

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    Life of a lead

    The 'life of a perfect lead'

    We've worked hard to create 'the life of a perfect lead' so you can win more jobs and increase your conversion rate.

    The 'life of a perfect lead' features an in-depth breakdown of the steps you should follow to maximise profit. It'll also highlight insightful tips from our team.

    Learn the life of a perfect lead to really make the most out of your leads.

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    Add other services to grow your business

    We offer many services that compliment your house clearance leads.

    Add International, Removals or Storage leads to boost your work and grow your business.

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    Multi leads
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