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We provide a no-commission service, you keep 100% of your profit

Unlike commission-based models, you keep every single penny you make from your jobs. By investing in leads from Compare My Move, you will get more leads for your money as well as having a higher potential to earn more. If you’re paying 15% commission on a £1,000 job, that’s £150 wasted on commission that with us would give you 20 leads.

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We don’t quote your customers, we leave that to you

When a user compares services with us, they don’t see prices instantly, meaning they won’t choose the cheapest quote straightaway. By giving you the freedom to quote your customers, you get the chance to set the price you think your services are worth. Unlike other business models, you won’t be underselling your services to fight to be the cheapest quote.

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A dedicated business & marketing team to help your business grow

Compare My Move are a team of hard-working individuals that focus on helping your business grow. We build relationships with our partners, learning what works best for you. Our business team strive to ensure you’re getting the most out of your leads, working hard to help you win jobs.

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No bidding wars. Partners don’t know what the other is charging

With our business model, you are setting the prices. You’ll be able to offer your bespoke service for the price you think it deserves, without having to worry about competing with other partners who may quote lower prices. Our business model eliminates a system where everyone is reducing their prices to win the job.

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