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Our marketing attracts movers to our website

Movers find Compare My Move via our marketing strategies. We appear at the top of Google 9 times out of 10 and across social media platforms, making it easy for movers to find a route to you and your services.


Users complete our form looking to match with companies like you

After landing on our website, users will complete the relevant service form so they can be matched with local partners to help with their move. They will enter contact details and information about the work required so you have the all-important details to secure the job.


It’s a match! Users are matched with active partners

Users are matched with active partners based on your account settings and their requirements. Make sure you adjust your account settings for the best results as you could be missing out on leads.


Search circle
Use Postcode Data Tool to view low-competition areas
Plus circle
Expand bedroom types for more leads


Appear in the user’s on-screen results

Your contact details and partner page will appear in front of the potential customer along with a few other partners, depending on your service and partner availability. They’ll also receive a confirmation email with access to a user dashboard to view their matches.


View grid add
Keep us up to date on any new services
Build up reviews to stand out
Cursor click
Let us know if your logo changes so we can update


Users can explore your partner page

Users have the option to learn more about you and your company with your unique partner page. Here they can view your contact details, explore your website and read your reviews.


Add photos or videos to partner pages
Refer a customer for Happy Movers


You’ll receive the lead in real-time

As soon as the user presses submit on the request form, you’ll receive the lead instantly via email and in your Lead Manager. We can also integrate leads with most lead management software so you can see all your leads in one place.

You can now download the Lead Manager App!


Make the most of lead integration
Shield check
Avoid spam issues, mark us as a safe sender
Don’t ignore your Lead Manager to manage your leads and account


Secure the job by contacting quickly and professionally

You’ll need to follow up the lead by email and phone. Remember you are competing against other partners so ensure quick contact. Ensure you are using professional emails and don’t bombard customers with calls as this will put people off using you.

Top tips for contacting potential customers

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Contact quickly by email or phone

Make sure your email mentions Compare My Move and includes a professional signature. On the phone, introduce yourself by name and company and listen to what they require from you. If they don’t answer, leave a voicemail or email asking when the best time to call is.

Icon 2

Be sure not to call repeatedly

Feedback has shown that most people don’t appreciate being called constantly. Call at an appropriate time and don’t keep trying if they don’t answer. If they don't answer the phone or email, you could follow up with an estimated quote. It’s important to let them know that further contact is needed to provide an accurate quote.

Icon 3

Mention Compare My Move

It’s important to mention Compare My Move in your email and on the phone as this shows the customer how you’ve got their contact details. They will then be expecting your call and will be more likely to answer, increasing your chance of conversion.

Icon 4

Don’t include original lead email

You shouldn’t forward our original lead email to the potential customer as this will only confuse things. It can look unprofessional and the lead email should be for your use only.


Congratulations, you’ve won the job!

With the job secured, it’s important to continue following Compare My Move’s code of conduct. Remain professional and helpful throughout the process to ensure a positive review and enhance your chances of winning future jobs.


Phone incoming
Keep the customer informed and make sure you’re easily contactable
Ask if customers would be happy to leave a review
Document report
Find our code of practice here


It’s time to build up your 5-star reviews

We’ll email customers and ask them to leave a review for you based on their experience. These reviews can be featured on your partner page and your website to make you stand out from the rest. You can also encourage customers to leave reviews directly via their partner pages.


Menu alt 2
Remember to get your customers to leave direct reviews on your partner page
Always reply to reviews, even if negative
Thumb up
Reviews build trust with potential customers and will help you win more work

Results from current partners within the network

We always value feedback from our partners so we regularly check in to review their progress. During these conversations, we see many striking improvements that companies have recorded since joining the network.

Here are the experiences that just some of our partners reported after adopting a few of our best practices:


Lead Return

By using the processes highlighted here, our partner Jones Moves spends £1,400 a month with a lead return of up to £10,000

2 Clients

Secured on their first day

Thanks to our detailed partner page and supportive team, Peak Home Surveys secured their first 2 clients on their very first day of business


Conversion rate

Your Surveyors built up a 5-star reputation with our review feature, helping them secure an impressive conversion rate of 38%


Conversion rate

After utilising their personalised partner page and Lead Manager, Attwells Solicitors have achieved an impressive 50% conversion rate

Repeat these steps to maximise profit

We want you to win jobs and see a good return on investment with your leads. Adopting some or all of these tips along with your current processes will certainly help you convert more leads and maximise your success. Many of our partners already utilise these tactics and convert far higher than the network averages. Read some of our case studies to see some specific success stories.

Drone Property Inspection and Surveying Services Ltd 200x70px Logo

Seeing a gross of £28,600 from a £3,888 spend on leads, we caught up with Andrew and Livia, Directors and Owners of DBISS, to find out more. 

read more
Jones removals case logo

Spending £1,400 a month on leads and seeing a return of up to £10,000, Jones Moves told us they would not be where they are today without Compare My Move’s partnership.

read more
Sunlight Removals logo

Seeing a 40-50% growth in their business from our leads, Amir Ayaz, owner of Sunlight Removals, shared their experience of the last 4 years as a Compare My Move partner.

read more
Eden Conveyancing Logo 80px

Since joining our partner network in 2022 after a quick online search, Eden Conveyancing has enjoyed seeing their business grow from our leads.

read more

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