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Lead Manager

We've answered all the important questions about using your Lead Manager.

  • # What is the purpose of your Lead Manager?

    Your Lead Manager is the portal to your account settings, real-time leads, reviews and tools available to link your leads with 3rd party CRM systems.

  • # How do I access my Lead Manager?

    You set your password as part of the application process and we generate a unique username for you. When your account is activated, these will be what you use to log in. You can also download our app for Android and IOS.

  • # I've forgotten my password

    We never know your password, but this can be changed at any time by selecting the 'forgot password' link on your log in screen. You will be asked for your username to confirm who you are and we'll send you a login link. Clicking this will log you into your Lead Manager, where you can then update your password from your settings.

  • # What is available within my Lead Manager?

    Lead Settings - view and edit all your current postcodes and property sizes, as well as account status

    Leads - real-time access to your leads, with the option to re-send the lead email and report as invalid (in accordance with our returns policy)

    Returns - view our returns policy and report invalid leads that meet our requirements

    Top up your account - purchase leads at any time on our Flexi Account

    Bonus Account - our most popular option; never pay full price with 10% extra free on every automated, recurring, top up

    Reviews - read and respond to feedback from your customers

    Postcode Data Tool - access stats on leads generated and lost in all UK postcodes and add postcodes to build on your coverage

    Badges - promote your reviews and that you’re a verified partner of our trusted network on your website

    Webhooks - link your Compare My Move leads with a 3rd party CRM system

    Partner Page - view your unique page, and share the URL with your customers to generate reviews

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