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Your personalised Lead Manager

With a Compare My Move partnership, you’ll have your own online account management tool - the Lead Manager. We’re always looking at new ways we can champion your business, ensuring you're making the most out of your leads.

It includes features that helps you stay on top of getting the best leads to suit your schedule. In your Lead Manager, you’ll be able to change account settings, view low competition postcodes and manage reviews easier to help you make the most of your leads.

You can also download the Lead Manager as an app for Android and IOS.


Pause or activate your profile

You’ll have the ability to pause and activate your account, avoiding the risk of missing out or wasting leads. You can also switch leads on and off and update your contact details at any time, 7 days a week. This feature will give you more flexibility with how you work.

Pause or Active

Postcode Data Tool

Our Postcode Data Tool will allow you to view nearby areas that are in demand as well as postcodes that have low competition. This feature will show you areas that have lost leads, meaning you can expand your areas to win more work. You can also add or delete the relevant postcodes in your account settings.

Postcode Data Tool

Use offers you could be missing out on

You’ll have quick access to new announcements and account offers with your Lead Manager. This gives you the potential to maximise savings by easily opting into other account types or deals you may have missed otherwise. Some of our current offers include big savings with Innovative Insurance, Removals Manager, Fuel Card Services and many more. View all offers here.

Partner Offers

Easier to manage reviews

You can manage your reviews easily and make sure your partner page is up to date with responses. This will make your partner page stand out when customers are matched with you.

Manage Reviews

View leads in one place

The Lead Manager allows you to view all your recent leads in one place so they can be easily managed. You’ll be able to view the lead contact details and job information so you have everything ready to provide a quote. You’ll also have the option to email or call the customer.

View Leads

Top-up leads instantly

You’ll be able to top up your leads easily with your Lead Manager. Select how many leads you want and receive them in real time. If you join and open a bonus account, benefit from 10% free leads every time you top up. You can also receive big discounts if you bulk buy specific lead types.

Top-up Leads

Our New Business Team will be happy to guide you through anything you need. Join our partnership today to start growing your business.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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