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Peak Home Surveys

We spoke with Matthew Dickinson, owner of Peak Home Surveys to learn how his business has grown from our partnership.

Starting his company from scratch in 2020, Matthew Dickinson secured his first 2 clients from our leads on his very first day of business.

Providing Home Buyer Surveys, Building Surveys and Valuation Reports across Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, Matthew told us how his partner support manager made him feel part of a partnership instantly.

What challenges did they face?

For Matthew, the biggest hurdle with starting the business was marketing. He explained his frustrations with trying to run his business and his concerns about the marketing aspect. “My homemade marketing campaign was a tremendous strain on resources, using time, money and attention to keep up with the constantly switching goalposts of digital marketing.”

The very day that Peak Home Surveys joined us, they won their first-ever jobs which led Matthew to invest in our partnership. “You built the partner page for me, that’s the biggest hurdle with other providers.” Matthew explained what he called a “key step” in the process. “You instill confidence in the customer immediately,” stating how he sees our marketing as professional, making the client trust us from the get-go.

Having experienced other lead generators, Matthew shared his experience of one that he’s since discontinued. “I was failing to get any jobs!” he said, as the leads were too competitive and were getting sent to around 8 people, making it impossible to win any work. Matthew then compared his experience with winning Compare My Move jobs. “If I get an email from Compare My Move, they’re always a customer who is ready to book.”

Peak Home Survey

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Matthew actually used our conveyancing service for himself which led him to explore our website and query about our partnership. Speaking to our accounts team, he appreciated the “warm, engaging and friendly” welcome. “You immediately made me feel like a partner, rather than a faceless service.”

Our accounts team’s knowledge of the surveying industry really stood out for Matthew. “Staff are knowledgeable about the industry, you’re not just salespeople, you know a lot about the business, which is very helpful.

Matthew also shared how surveying can be a lonely business sometimes, especially since a lot of people are now working from home, so “having friendly people who understand the business is critical,” he told us.

“I set up my business from scratch 2 years ago and managed to secure 2 clients on the first day. It would be impossible with my marketing and without the help of Compare My Move.”

Matthew Dickinson, Owner of Peak Home Surveys

What growth have they seen?

Peak Home Surveys use our partnership to build up their pipeline of work doing RICS Valuations, converting around 20% of all leads. Matthew told us how the company sees a lot of business due to the demand. “Everybody who has a Help to Buy Loan will need a Valuation, and there are hundreds of thousands, so it’s a big part of our work and it’s very worthwhile.”

Matthew shared how he only started the business in 2020 and on his very first day of opening, he managed to secure his first-ever clients with the help of Compare My move. “I was absolutely amazed and sometimes reflect back on the fact I managed to secure my first customers with you, and since then they've not stopped arriving.

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