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Landview Surveyors

Since they joined us in 2020, Landview Surveyors have seen significant growth in their business from our high-quality surveying leads.

David at Landview Surveyors told us how they’ve even had to hire new administration staff to help deal with the amount of work we’re generating for the team, with plans to expand their surveying team to further avoid missing out on our leads.

With a conversion rate of 25%-30% on average, Landview Surveyors say other lead generators they trialled just didn’t make sense compared to Compare My Move’s model.

Landview Surveyors

Who are Landview Surveyors?

Based in South West London, Landview Surveyors are RICS regulated surveyors who offer their property surveys across South West London and Surrey.

Offering RICS Homebuyer Reports and Building Surveys, Landview Surveyors go above and beyond to ensure a high-quality surveying experience, providing jargon-free reports and expert help along the way.

With 5-star reviews on Google and Compare My Move and an 'excellent' Trust Pilot rating, Landview Surveyors can’t praise our leads enough.

“I found [the website] to be easy to navigate from a customer’s point of view, and compared to the responses we received from other competitors, it was a no brainer to join.”

Landview Surveyors

What challenges did they face?

Landview Surveyors first discovered Compare My Move when carrying out some initial research and comparing surveying lead generation services.

After experimenting with one lead generator’s form to realise they sent customers every company that’s operating in their area, it just didn’t make sense to David from a customer’s point of view. He learnt that Compare My Move only send customers up to 6 surveyors to choose from, helping both the user experience and lowering the competition for partners.

David praises our business team’s easy sign-up process, “from setting up with you guys, the account was always really straightforward”. He says the team are always quick to respond to any questions, “ from topping up leads to resolving any incorrect leads was pretty painless - good from start to finish”.

Grow your business

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What made Compare My Move stand out?

After carrying out “secret shopping” on other surveying lead generators, Compare My Move’s benefits made it an easy choice to join.

David found our website to be easy to navigate, from a customer’s point of view, which stood out to him. He says that comparing the responses from other lead generation services, “it was a no brainer to join [Compare My Move].”

They also preferred the detailed information provided on our leads compared to others they trialled. “Having the price of the property on [the lead], straight from the off we can talk about the property rather than wasting time trying to get the information”.

David expanded to say that it saves them so much time on the phone and allows them to help the customer find which survey they need.

What growth have they seen?

Landview Surveyors are thriving, “growing rapidly” as a business in the 6 months they’ve been a partner.

The company has had to hire new administration staff to help with the increase in leads and demand for jobs we’ve provided, stating we’ve been a contributing factor in their growth as a business.

They have further plans to hire more surveyors so they can expand into North Surrey to help fill the diary and avoid losing leads. David and the team also appreciated the introduction of our valuation leads.

However, as our building survey and homebuyer leads are keeping them extremely busy, they’ve had to stop taking valuation leads. With our easy to use Lead Manager and feature to pause and add leads, they plan to continue their valuation leads again after hiring more staff.

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