Sterlingworth Surveyors

Starting out as a “one-man band” and growing to a team of 13 professionals in just 12 months, it’s safe to say Compare My Move was an “instrumental” part of Sterlingworth Surveyors’ growth.

With a conversion rate of 15% and a recent expansion into North London, we spoke with Imaad Taimuri, Director at Sterlingworth Surveyors to learn how his business has grown from our high-quality surveying leads.

Who are Sterlingworth Surveyors?

Based in Chessington, Surrey, Sterlingworth Surveyors are first-class RICS surveyors offering their RICS Home Survey Level 2, RICS Home Survey Level 3 and professional valuations for those buying in Kingston-upon-Thames, Croydon and Sutton, with a recent expansion into North London and North West London.

They have a particular focus on quality and client satisfaction, treating each client and job with the same level of professionalism and respect. Sterlingworth Surveyors pride themselves on being what Imaad calls a “boutique firm”, stating that the Sterlingworth approach is to listen to what the client wants, going the extra mile to find out the right type of survey they need.

Joining Compare My Move’s network in October 2020, they’ve already collected 12 excellent reviews to add to their 5-star Google review rating.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

What challenges did they face?

When it came to searching for a lead provider for the business, Imaad explained how other lead generators had “old fashioned websites” that weren’t great to look at. He was viewing sites from a customers’ point of view, which is important to him.

After discovering our website and service, Imraad explains how in comparison to others, Compare My Move’s level of service and quality of leads were much better. The fact our website was “extremely user-friendly” was the selling point for him.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Imaad came across Compare My Move when he was just starting out 12 months ago. He put himself in the client’s shoes and Googled “homebuyers survey” and Compare My Move appeared at the top. Sterlingworth surveyors signed up as soon as the business was created and never looked back.

The sign-up process was straightforward, Imraad explains, as well as lead consistency and quality being high, which stood out for Sterlingworth Surveyors. Imraad appreciates the customer information on the leads we provide them with, stating “it’s been very good and very helpful.”

12 months on and 12 great reviews later, Imraad says he’d recommend our service to any friend or colleague starting out a business.

“It’s a service I won’t be dropping and I look forward to a successful and long-lasting relationship with you”

Sterlingworth Surveyors

What growth have they seen?

Imraad explains that Compare My Move’s leads have been “instrumental in the success of the company”, allowing them to significantly grow their team.

Sterlingworth Surveyors have expanded their business to create entire departments including consultant surveyors as well as part and full-time employees all thanks to the success they’ve experienced from our leads.

With a conversion rate of 15%, Imraad says Compare My Move are a service they won’t be dropping and he looks forward to a “successful and long-lasting relationship” with us. When asked how he’d describe his experience of our lead generation partnership so far, he replied with “outstanding”.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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