AMM Surveying Services Ltd

One of the very first surveyors who joined our network, AMM Surveying Services Ltd has been enjoying our high-quality surveying leads since 2018.

Predicting an ROI of £83,000 from our leads in 2023, we spoke with Adrian Moore to learn of their success from our partnership.

Who are AMM Surveying Services Ltd?

Based in North Leicestershire, AMM Surveying Services Ltd cover the whole of the East Midlands area. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they offer a RICS Home Survey Level 2, Level 3 and Valuations.

​Using the latest iPad technology and equipment to produce their RICS reports, they pride themselves on being fully compliant with the latest industry developments and legislation.

AMM Surveying Services Ltd

“We generated £60,000 in 2022 from Compare My Move leads.”

Adrian Moore, Owner of AMM Surveying Services Ltd

What challenges did they face with other lead generators?

Like many of our surveying partners we speak with, Adrian struggled with the “race to the bottom” from other lead generators setting prices. “Every property is different and basing your quote on the price of the property can end up losing you business.” He continued to say “I like the fact you don’t have to give a price with Compare My Move as it enables us to sell ourselves, especially if we’re not the cheapest out there.

Adrian had to stop using one lead generator in particular because they refused to help him with “bogus leads.” He explained, “...they didn’t have a claimbacks system like Compare My Move, when a lead is clearly fake they wouldn’t want to help.” Partners can submit incorrect leads via their personalised Lead Manager with our claimbacks system.

Other lead generators Adrian trialled sent their leads out to around 8 other surveyors, which led to high competition to win the job. We only ever send our leads to a maximum of 6 surveyors, which Adrian appreciates.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

A feature of our business model that stood out for Adrian was the ability to set his own prices. After selling his service for less than it was worth with other lead generators, he appreciates the opportunity to really sell his business and the use of their state-of-the-art equipment to clients.

Talking about what has really helped him throughout our partnership, Adrian explains “’ve always been able to deal with things, you’re always really patient guiding me with how I can do things within my Lead Manager.”

He also appreciates our review feature, with the company holding an impressive 5-star ‘superb’ rating. “The reviews are really good and I like the fact you can reply to them. Quite a few of Compare My Move customers have recommended me to other people or returned as customers if a sale falls through.”

What growth have they seen?

Spending roughly £8,000 on leads in 2022, AMM Surveying Services Ltd saw a £60,000 return on investment, converting 18% of jobs on average. Adrian is expecting to see an impressive £83,000 profit from our leads in 2023, already winning 75 jobs in the first part of the year.

Answering how he would sum up his experience with our partnership so far, Adrian told us “ clearly provide the best service of all the lead generators, you are the best in my experience.”

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