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Crowes Property Surveys

Crowes Property Surveys joined Compare My Move’s partner network in 2018, and have grown as a business since.

We spoke to Timothy Russell, owner of Crowes Property Surveys, to hear about his success from our partnership.

Who are Crowes Property Surveys?

Established in 1991, Crowes Property Surveys have over three decades of experience in the industry.

They offer an array of surveying services, including the RICS Home Survey Levels 2 and 3. Garnering an excellent reputation, they have also received 5-star reviews from many customers.

Initially contacted by us directly, Crowes Property Surveys joined our network in 2018 and have continued to flourish. They currently work in Surrey, London, and the surrounding areas.

Crowes Property Surveys

“You're more modern, up-to-date, and easier to navigate”

Timothy Russell, owner of Crowes Property Surveys

What makes Compare My Move stand out?

Compared to other lead generators, Crowes Property Surveys have seen a higher conversion rate from our surveying leads. Timothy comments that “Compare My Move is able to provide warm-to-hot leads that can convert to business pretty quickly.”

Timothy states that we are “more modern, up-to-date, and easier to navigate” when it comes to generating leads.

Praising the convenient services, Timothy explains that the process is “very simple to navigate for us and the customer.”

What features do they like?

Timothy appreciates the amount of detail included with the lead saying, “having a phone number is critical and that’s always there. I tend to phone up my customers and send them an email, so they are approached twice.”

Having so much detail in the lead means that Timothy can discuss the customer’s specific needs and requirements when he calls. He can offer the appropriate services depending on the concern of the property.

Another feature Timothy enjoys is selecting which areas he is accepting leads for, depending on how busy he is. Using his Lead Manager, he is able to add or remove postcodes. “I don’t always need the territories that I’ve signed up for because I’m busier in my own territories.”

What growth have they seen?

Crowes Property Surveys enjoy a conversion rate between 15% and 20% in Surrey and the surrounding area. The leads are "certainly worth the investment” and they have been able to operate in areas that they previously didn’t have access to.

Compare My Move’s partnership has given them “immediate access to the market and can pick and choose the postcodes [they] want.”

What moves stand out?

We have connected Crowes Property Surveys with many customers who praise them for “giving the right price and being able to do it quickly.” Timothy explains that he has had many customers who have “gone elsewhere and come back because their surveyor could not complete the task.”

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