Cambridge Building Surveyors

A partner with Compare My Move since 2019, Cambridge Building Surveyors grew their business by over 50% in their first year of joining, opening another office in St. Neots and plans to open further offices as growth continues.

We spoke with Mike Ashton, Director of Cambridge Building Surveyors to learn how they make the most of their leads and how their experience with us has helped to grow their business over the last few years.

Who are Cambridge Building Surveyors

With a 5-star review record on Google and Compare My Move, there’s no surprise Cambridge Building Surveyors have been awarded the ThreeBestRated Gold Standard of Excellence and the UK and regional Building Surveyors of the Year.

They proudly offer their RICS Home Survey Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Valuations to help home buyers across Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Essex.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Mike first came across us a few years ago when he was setting up his business, searching Google for surveyors quotes, “Compare My Move came up as a major market leader, you came up very quickly, right at the top of Google.

They use our leads alongside other lead generator services and target around a 10% conversion rate, explaining how we “help to top up organic enquiries with well-matched, high-quality instructions.”

Cambridge Building Surveyors pride themselves on their quality of service, not quantity, so they carefully choose which leads they prefer to secure, which helps them keep their prices in line with the high standard of service they provide. “It’s a good balance, and keeps our prices in the right place so we can offer a great service at a fair price”, Mike told us.

“We were able to scale up our business much earlier than expected in response to the additional work Compare My Move has helped us secure.”

Cambridge Building Surveyors

How has their experience been?

As the business uses other lead generators in addition to our partnership, Mike told us why he continues to use us as well as the others. “The best way a lead-provider can differentiate from the other services out there is to offer a friendly, professional, well-oiled service … and you absolutely do.”

He appreciates his personal relationship with his account manager and praises the team for always being there to answer any queries in a speedy and friendly manner. “It’s been a very positive experience from start to finish”. Talking about the signup process, Mike explains that it “could not have been easier, first-class, nice and simple.

What growth have they seen?

Cambridge Building Surveyors have grown their business by over 50% in their first year with Compare My Move’s partnership, allowing them to open an additional office. Mike told us how they “...were able to scale up our business much earlier than expected in response to the additional work Compare My Move has helped us secure.”

Summing up his experience with us over the last couple of years, Mike told us that “the system is doing exactly what we want it to do, at exactly the right rate and exactly the right place.

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