Sunlight Removals Case Study

Seeing a 40-50% growth in their business from our leads, the owner of Sunlight Removals shared their experience of the last 4 years as a Compare My Move partner.

Who are Sunlight Removals?

Based in South East London, Sunlight Removals proudly offer domestic and commercial removal services across London as well as their international removal service. With many 5-star reviews, the company were also nominated by a Compare My Move customer to showcase their excellent service in our Happy Movers feature.

After seeing a “very low conversion rate” with other lead generators, they were recommended Compare My Move by another removal company. Appreciating the “very good leads” we send them, they’re still enjoying our partnership after 4 years.

Sunlight Removals

What features do they like?

Sunlight Removals also enjoy their personalised Lead Manager where they can view and respond to leads. Our new and improved Lead Manager also allows the Sunlight Removals team to pause and activate leads whenever they want, whereas previously this had to be done via a phone call.

“You’ve helped us to grow the business by 40-50%, which in turn helps us generate more business.”

Amir Ayaz, Owner of Sunlight Removals

What growth have they seen?

Amir Ayaz started Sunlight Removals on his own with just one Luton van, carrying out the removals himself. 4 years on and he’s hired staff, has his own office space and is enjoying a 30% conversion rate from our leads.

He told us about his growth as a business from our leads. “You’ve helped us to grow the business by 40-50%, which in turn helps us generate more business.”

What moves stand out?

Over the years, our leads have connected Sunlight Removals with many high-value customers, including Santander’s Chief and the Director of Barclays. The Barclays Director turned out to be a repeat customer for Sunlight Removals as well as referring Santander’s Chief as he was so pleased with the job.

A move that really stands out for them was when they helped a very distressed woman and her children move from Croydon during the Christmas period. This was a last-minute booking and she had to empty the property in an emergency and needed to store her belongings into one of their storage facilities.

The customer wasn’t able to make full payment for the job or for the storage facility. “The only money she had was in her hand, which was about £500 less than the job.” Amir told us that she would have needed that money to look after her kids during the winter while she was waiting for some pending payments.

The Team Leader was called out from the office to help with the situation. The Sunlight Removals team reassured the woman they were going to carry out the move and told her to put away her money. “We created a weekly payment plan as we trusted her, she has since paid it off.”

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