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AIM Removals

Since joining Compare My Move in 2020, AIM Removals have seen an impressive 42% increase in gross turnover.

We spoke with Michael Ingraham, one of the Directors at AIM Removals, to learn what made our partnership stand out for them, the incredible growth they’ve seen as a business and what the future holds for them.

Who are AIM Removals?

A family-run business based in Leeds, AIM Removals only joined our partnership in October 2020 and have already obtained 66 5-star reviews.

They pride themselves on providing a stress-free and fully insured removal service with the refreshing mindset that each client is as important as the next.

Sharing their experience of their time with us, Michael said how each and every job from our leads has been a “success story”.

What challenges did they face?

Wanting to grow their business, AIM Removals trialled a handful of lead providers but soon ended their experiment after discovering Compare My Move.

Michael told us how their research soon came to an end as Compare My Move proved to be the only constant throughout. They quickly learned that other lead generators’ quality wasn’t up to standard, with leads coming through that were not enquiry based and individual items which is what their business model didn’t want. They ultimately wasted their time, money and effort.

Compare My Move proved to be a “constant” for them. From our high standard of leads, transparency and helpful tools to better their business, the company never looked back.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Our business model really stood out for AIM Removals because when removal companies join us, we both join a partnership.

From the get-go, Michael describes the process as “very smooth, very easy and very friendly”. Michael explains that our team always champions their business, “you want us to be successful”. As a family-run business, AIM Removals appreciate our partnership as it matches their company ethos and values.

They’re thankful for the standard of leads we provide as they are “always genuine people looking to move house”. Other providers didn’t provide that transparency for Michael, “ the constant is the standard of the quotes”.

"We have seen a 42% increase of gross turnover for the year"

AIM Removals

What growth have they seen?

Michael says Compare My Move has been an important factor for seeing significant growth to their business, and something they will continue to use to grow their turnover and expand into new regions.

Our partnership alone has added 42% onto their gross turnover for the year, with Michael claiming we’re the “best lead provider” they’ve ever used. The business experienced an extremely high conversion rate during the Stamp Duty rush of June 2021, but always have a steady conversion rate of between 20-28%.

AIM Removals have also taken on an additional postcode with plans to expand into new regions all thanks to our unique Lead Manager feature. Michael says it allows them to weigh up the risks and rewards of adding postcodes in high demand areas or low competition postcodes to their workload, stating other lead generators aren’t willing to share this helpful information.

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