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One Removal Ltd

With a 20% conversion rate and winning a £12,000 specialist move, One Removal are thriving as a removals business.

Joining back in 2018, they’ve grown with us over the years. We spoke with Jake Roehrig, Director and Owner of One Removal, to learn how his business has grown since joining Compare My Move’s partnership.

Who are One Removal?

A partner with Compare My Move since November 2018, One Removal are a family-run business based in South-West London and Surrey. They offer their expert removal services across London as well as helping with national and European moves.

They've got over 10 years of experience in the removals industry and also offer safe and secure storage solutions to help with your move.

One Removal often undertakes specialist moves, moving anything from pianos to fine art, and
even jacuzzis. A recent addition to the One Removal team is ‘O'Neill Campbell’ who was
personally responsible for moving Elton John’s grand piano. They have also moved actors
such as; Game Of Thrones star Staz Nair.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Jake first found Compare My Move when he did a Google search from a customers’ point of view, looking to get more work in the diary. Appreciating that we appeared at the top of the results for what UK movers are searching for, Jake wanted to learn more about us.

He praises our sign up process, stating it was quick, straightforward, smooth and easy. Something that especially stood out for Jake was that our business model helps both new businesses and established businesses, explaining “...there’s no limit to Compare My Move.”

Jake told us how he scaled his business with our leads. “Any size business can use your business, when you’re starting out, [you can] allocate a budget to Compare My Move, flip that budget into thousands of pounds, then re-invest that into leads to keep scaling your business.”

What features do they like?

The business appreciates our detailed lead information as it helps them win jobs on the phone, explaining “...when you mention the details you have that are accurate, it helps to keep the customer on the phone.”

Jake also finds their partner page helpful, as it appears in front of clients, “people trust the company more when they see loads of 5-star reviews pop up."

There's no limit to Compare My Move

One Removal

What growth have they seen?

When One Removal joined our partnership, they were only starting out in the industry too, growing their business as the years went on. They joined a few lead generators at the same time, and are only now with a handful, with Compare My Move making that list.

One job that really stands out for One Removal was a £12,000 job helping a Lord with his moving day. They also have a consistently “good conversion rate”, converting roughly 20% of their removal leads.

We ended our chat with Jake summing up the year. “It’s been a really good year, a good couple of years actually”, with the business doing especially well since the Stamp Duty holiday.

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