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Pipers Removals

Pipers Removals enjoy a conversion rate between 10-30% from our removal leads. Having been on our network since 2020, our high-quality leads have assisted their business growth. They have enjoyed success from our residential, commercial, and small move leads.

We spoke to Paul Piper, the Business Owner, to hear about their experience as a Compare My Move partner.

Who are Pipers Removals?

Pipers Removals is a removal company based in Harrow. They serve North West London, Southall, Watford and Harrow. They aim to provide bespoke services, which allows them to accommodate any size move.

With ten bases, they use their system to determine the quickest and cheapest route for customers. Their fleet of vehicles is fully equipped, meaning they can easily move large and heavy goods such as furniture.

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How did they hear about Compare My Move?

They searched for lead generators on Google and noticed that Compare My Move was at the top of the list. Following this, Paul “found one of the companies that was a case study and called them and spoke to them about it”.

They found the sign-up process “pretty simple”. Discussing the verification process, he found it easy to upload essential insurance documents.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Compared to other lead generators, Paul found Compare My Move “very easy and simple to set up.” After receiving many leads upon setting up their account, they knew they had made the right decision.

The amount of control over leads and convenience allows us to stand out from other lead generators. Paul notes that “the leads go straight into [our] CRM… we can choose how many leads we can get and that’s the best thing”.

They also discussed how efficient the process is compared to competitors. Not wanting to run simultaneous systems, they found it easy to integrate our Lead Manager into their Zapier via our webhook. Their automated system includes a “quote generator which works out the distance between the 10 bases and where they are moving from and to. This determines the cheapest route for the customer”.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

What features do they like?

The main feature they like is having the initial information in the lead, making the process “very simple and brilliant”. The Lead Manager allows you to “stipulate which postcodes you want… this makes it convenient to pause and activate leads”.

Having control of their leads has been really important to the business. Paul remarked, “the ability to pause leads any time of day is really useful. We can change the number of leads”. This has been crucial to company growth over time as they can focus on what leads they can accommodate.

What growth have they seen?

Over the years, their average conversion rate ranges between 10-30%, depending on the price of the quote. This has helped them with “overall growth” as “a lot of people we move are repeat customers which helps us to grow”.

Following a job, they “send an email to the customer with a link and ask them to write a review”. Using Lead Manager, they can monitor their reviews and add them to their website using our review widget. They now have a strong online presence with 25% of total customers hearing favourable reviews from previous clients.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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