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Optimistix Movers

A member of the Compare My Move partner network since January 2016, Optimistix Movers say that after having tried several lead generation suppliers, they now use only Compare My Move.

Maintaining a steady stream of removals leads and making a great profit, the company say they are doing ‘very well at the moment’.

Who are Optimistix Movers?

Optimistix Movers are a family run London removals and storage company with extensive industry experience and a trail of happy customers. Optimistix Movers pride themselves on their excellent, fast and reliable service and exceptionally competitive rates.

Optimistix Movers joined Compare My Move with a free trial along with several other lead generation suppliers they were trialling at the time, they now use only the Compare My Move Service.

Optimistix Movers

What challenges did they face?

Speaking about other lead generation services, a representative from Optimistix expressed that, as a company, they felt that the method of telling the removal companies who their competition was when trying to convert their removals leads into jobs presented a huge problem.

Optimistix Movers say they found this to be an unwelcomed tactic as many removals company, they feel, would rather lower their costs and lose their profit just to take the job. Compare My Move don’t do this.

‘Right now, I wouldn’t change anything about Compare My Move, If I email and want changes made to the service, I get a response within half an hour and the change is made. It’s great, everything about Compare My Move is great’.

Optimistix Movers

How did Compare My Move help?

Optimistix Movers have expressed great satisfaction with the communication from Compare My Move as well as the leads they have received. A representative from the company stated, ‘I am always amazed by the quick response I get from Compare My Move and I am glad I am a member’.

Compare My Move is now their main source of business and although the company do and have tried other lead generation services in between, they always stick to Compare My Move. Optimistix Movers say that ‘Compare My Move has been 100% a good investment and that they have had a ‘brilliant outcome from the investment’.

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What results did they achieve?

As a result of partnering with just Compare My Move and no other lead generation services, a representative from Optimistix Movers can report that they are currently limiting their leads to 7 a day. Off the back of this they are carrying out a minimum of between 22 – 25 removals jobs a month.

Optimistix state that each removals job from Compare My Move will earn them a profit of £120 - £300. Optimistix also feel that they could be earning a lot more if they were taking on weekend work and not limiting their leads, this is a personal choice for them based on their current capacity.

Optimistix say they would definitely recommend Compare My Move to other companies and that they already have done. They told a fellow removal company what good business they could get from Compare My Move over other lead generation services that they were loyal to. That removal company is now a trusted partner of Compare My Move benefitting from the service.

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